OUCH: Morning Joe Hysterically Mocks Chris Christie To his Face


As Americans across the East coast pick up after the disastrous blizzard this weekend, New Jersey governor Chris Christie took to MSNBC’s Monday morning episode of “Morning Joe” and was asked a difficult question, reports Politicus USA. Huffington Post politics editor Sam Stein questioned Christie about why he was not in his state during the blizzard and was instead campaigning in New Hampshire.

Christie obviously took offense to the question, replying that, “There is no residual damage, there is no flooding damage…this is just what they wish would have happened.” In Christie’s statement, “they” refers to his critics, the ones accusing him of not being in the right place.
It is nice that Christie can live in a bubble where he thinks that this information is true. It would also be nice if everything actually was fine in New Jersey and people were just making up lies to hurt Christie. Unfortunately, everything is not fine, and his constituents are not wasting their time making up stories because they actually have to deal with the consequences of the blizzard.
While everything was fine and dandy in the Chris Christie Universe, back in New Jersey, citizens were dealing with what mayor of North Wildwood, N.J., Patrick Rosenello, described as “between four and five feet of water downtown,” while “[Their] entire dune system was compromised.” Rosenello went on to say, “[we had a big breach on 3rd Avenue,” with “whitecaps and ice flows right through town.”He finished by explaining that “A lot of businesses are closed down, and homes damaged.” So much for no residual damage, Chris.
This description, which is more believable seeing as how Rosenello was actually present during the blizzard, is certainly a strong contrast to Christie’s sunny depiction.
While Christie’s presence in his state would not have stopped the blizzard from occurring, he could have at least been a better help to his constituents than he was campaigning in another state.
The bigger issue here is not that Christie wasn’t present in his state, but that he is in denial about the reality of the situation affecting the people he serves. He has joined the ranks of Republican politicians who seem that they couldn’t care less about the issues their people face, from Rick Snyder’s denial about the gravity of the contaminated Flint water to Bush’s refusal to acknowledge the financial collapse that led to the recession.
It is becoming a frightening trend for Republicans to deny the gravity of the situations in which they have screwed up. The people they represent are onto their games, however, and it is time for them to take responsibility for their actions instead of hiding behind the excuse that everyone is picking on them.

Want to see exactly how Christie reacted when questioned. Watch below, courtesy of martha jenkin via YouTube.

Featured image via Marc Nozell.