WATCH: Uh Oh, Bill Clinton Defends Bernie Sanders’ Healthcare Ideas In 2009


Would I rather have a Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All, the one that knocks the processing cost of my visit to the doctor down to a mere $3.00, or the insurance companies’ version that charges $20 for the same thing? That’s a no-brainer. Even former President Bill Clinton agrees with Sanders’ plan.

What? Why is Bill Clinton supporting one of the cornerstones of a Sanders’ single-payer healthcare program? Given that Hillary Clinton is Sanders’ presidential campaign opponent, I would really hate to be President Clinton tonight.

By the way, President Obama wanted a single-payer program, but the only way he could get healthcare past the Republicans was to keep the insurance companies in the mix.

It is a Democratic president thing. President Clinton has long wanted great healthcare for us, too.

Here is Clinton’s enthusiastic reason for supporting single-payer healthcare, when he answered Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s interview question in 2009:

‘Well, I think it’s more politically unpalatable than it is a bad idea. Because single-payer is not socialized medicine.’

‘Canada has a single-payer system, and a private healthcare system. Our single-payer systems are Medicare and Medicaid and Medicare is quite popular.’

‘The good thing about single-payer is the administrative costs are quite low.’

‘We probably waste $200 billion a year between the insurance administrative costs, the doctors’ and other healthcare providers’ administrative costs, and employers’ administrative costs in healthcare that we would not waste if we had any other country’s system.’

The health insurance lobby has stuffed our so-called political representatives with promises of sugar plums and dollar bills for their political campaigns, so we don’t have a chance.

It should make politicians sick, but they can never seem to get enough of the lobbyists’ near-graft.

Both Bill and Hillary have received millions of dollars in speaking fees from the healthcare industry, since he was president. Just last summer, Bill Clinton was America’s Health Insurance Plans’ (AHIP) featured speaker.

AHIP is the health insurance lobbyist group. So far, it has spent $100 million to fight against any health reform.

Former president Clinton has long wanted affordable, accessible healthcare for us, so his passion for it is no surprise. The only surprise is that his words support his wife’s opponent.

Caught up in his passion, he goes on to compare us to different countries. The United Kingdom has fully-nationalized healthcare, while other countries, such as Japan and Germany, have mixed systems.

Bill Clinton notes that our healthcare system “treats sick people but doesn’t work to keep them well.” That is true, but since Obamacare, it is slowly changing. Pharmaceutical companies make more money when we are sick.

Not only that, the Republicans actually made it law that Medicare can NOT negotiate for lower pharmacy costs, even though the Veterans’ Administration (VA) can.

Basically, the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies are the reason behind all the extortionist rate hikes and the fall-off-the-world drug costs.

How can they sleep at night?

You’re got to see this video of Bill Clinton supporting Bernie Sanders healthcare plan:

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