Bernie Sanders Folk History Revealed On Jimmy Fallon


If Bernie Sanders hasn’t already managed to convince you of his eligibility to become the next President of The United States of America, then this will surely do it.

On a segment called the “Do Not Playlist,” The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon introduced us to a different Bernie Sanders. A less politically debating, more folk music creating candidate, complete with Brooklyn accent. Amazingly it wasn’t the worst record played, with that honor going to Wing and her cover of “Single Ladies.” Fallon tried to keep it together during Bernie’s rendition of “This Land Is Your Land”, originally made famous by Woodie Guthrie, but we can all agree, vastly improved by the Presidential candidate.

The tracks were recorded during Sander’s time as mayor of Burlington, Vermont. The reason is unclear, but we can all agree it would have been a tragedy had it not been recorded. Side A features several American folk classics, with some actual musicians trying to take some of the focus away from the unusual-sounding lead singer. Side B features a conversation with Bernie, sure to be as riveting as it sounds.

Some might accuse Fallon of poking fun and perhaps being sarcastic when he described Sanders as having:

“The voice of an angel…an angel that grew up in Brooklyn.”

Either way, he gets points for effort. It’s not always necessary to have a beautiful singing voice when recording a folk album, Bob Dylan can attest to that, but perhaps Sanders should stick to political campaigning and leave musical stardom to those more suited. Check out the video below.

Featured image via MRCTV