Courtroom Brawl Erupts As Child Molester Violently Attacks Attorney And Others


In an unusual case of courtroom occupational health and safety, a prosecutor was attacked by the defendant who obviously disagreed with the guilty verdict given to him.

The trial held in Roswell, New Mexico concluded with Michael Cox being found guilty of child molestation. Cox saw an opportunity for revenge when both attorneys were returning from a side-bar. Cox ran out and tackled Deputy District Attorney Scot Key to the ground, and attempted to punch him in the face. Key turned out to be too quick and, with the help of Officer KaeDea Smith managed to evade his would be attacker. Officer Smith reacted with the speed and strength usually reserved for highly trained Navy Seals and held Cox down before he could inflict any serious damage. 

What makes this even more bizarre is that the Deputy District Attorney, once freed from Cox, attempted to get back into the fray and land a few blows of his own. Even the Judge tried to get in on the action. Had Officer Smith not been there, and been as calm and level headed as she was, this may have easily escalated into a full on courtroom slug-fest. Officer Smith was interviewed afterwards and explained:

“I was able to get a hold of the defendant and use the least amount of force possible to go ahead and detain him to get him under control,” 

Cox is yet to be sentenced, but with a charge of criminal sexual conduct he could be looking at 3 years behind bars. The Sheriff’s Office are currently reviewing footage of the incident to see whether Cox’s antics could add to his sentence. It’s doubtful that Deputy District Attorney Key will face any charges for his somewhat over-exuberant display of self defense, but he’s sure to have gained a reputation as a prosecutor you do not want to mess with. Check out the video below.