FACT: This Was The ONLY Group Of Senators To Work During Blizzard ‘We Didn’t Have Snow Days’ (VIDEO)


Just image what the all-woman U.S. Senate could have accomplished after the humongous blizzard in Washington, D.C. They had the perfect opportunity. You see, the guys just couldn’t seem to manage the snow trek over to the Senate building after the big, bad blizzard of 2016. Awww.

It fell to Senator Lisa Murkowski (R) from Alaska to handle some traditional, parliamentary business. Yes, she’s from that huge frozen chunk of land that hugs the Arctic Circle on both sides. Murkowski had to deal with the formalities of delaying Senate business until the guys could make their way back to work.

Sen. Susan Collins (R) from Maine manned, er, woman-ned the Senate gavel. This was no snow day for the women whose states book-end our country.

We didn’t have snow days when I went to grade school in rural eastern Kansas. Our teacher journeyed over narrow gravel roads with snow plowed far higher than her car on both sides. But then, we did get a day off, finally!

The young woman, who put up with the rowdy bunch of us, arrived early to light a big furnace, which warmed the two rooms. Then, whoosh!

Our teacher’s eyebrows were toast. I guess the mini-explosion left her a bit shaken, because she sent us home. But the next day, the intrepid woman was back at it, just as the female senators were in the Senate working for us.

Murkowski paused, looking across the chamber, which sat now virtually silent after centuries of heated, historical law-making. She noted, for the record, that there was something strange about the Senate.

Starting her opening remarks, Murkowski said:

‘As we convene this morning, you look around the chamber and the presiding officer is female. All of our parliamentarians are female. Our floor managers are female. All of our pages are female.

‘Now, this was not orchestrated in any way, shape or form. We came in this morning, looked around and thought, ‘Something is different this morning.’ Different in a good way, I might add.’

It seems our spirited Murkowski spent most of the weekend shoveling her way out of a thick snow quilt. But now she was happy to return where the activity is “a little less rigorous.”

The Alaskan senator wondered aloud about all of the missing men, whether staffers or senators or other support personnel:

‘Perhaps it speaks to the hardiness of women that put on your boots and put your hat on and get out and slog through the mess that’s out there.’

Maybe women aren’t the weaker sex after all.

Featured Image: Courtesy of Arctic Wolves via Flickr.