This Video Of George W. Bush Talking About Being A Failure As POTUS Will Remind You Why You’re Glad He’s Gone


I think it’s safe to say that in my lifetime the most abject failure as President that I have witnessed would be George W. Bush. I mean, it’s not even a close contest. Republicans love to accuse Jimmy Carter of being the biggest disappointment, but at least he didn’t start an unnecessary war, lie about that war, and nearly destroy the international economy with his deregulation of all things financial.

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Image Via OccupyDemocrats

Let’s review the List of Shame that must be attached to Dubya:

  • The war in Afghanistan, which failed to lead to the capture or death of Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of 9/11
  • The war in Iraq, which seems to have no end, has cost thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars, yet led directly to the rise of ISIS
  • Dick Cheney. Need I say more about that one?
  • Took a surplus under Clinton and turned it into a deficit thanks to tax cuts for the rich and two wars
  • The global financial meltdown which was directly predicated on Bush’s economic policies

Remember how it used to be said that Republicans are good on the economy and national security? The GOP can thank George W. Bush for wrecking that long-held assumption.

Yet now we have this massive failure of a President looking back and laughing at the mistakes he made while in office. Is anyone else laughing about his incompetence or his total lack of regret for the horrific decisions he made? I sure as hell don’t find it the least bit humorous.

I don’t really think Dubya is a terrible person. He’s just incredibly incompetent and not suited for the White House in any manner whatsoever. Those who know him talk about him being a warm, caring person, and I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt since I’ve never met him.

But then I watch this video and I wonder: Does he really find being a failure this damn funny?

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