Bundy Militants Compare Themselves To Ferguson Protesters In THIS Outrageous Way


Of the original armed militants occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, only four remain. And of those four, one has some pretty ludicrous complaints, reports Raw Story.

The Oregon militant said, regarding the treatment of himself and his cohorts, “It feels unfair because a lot of those rioters in Ferguson, they went to the riots with intentions of robbing and burning down cities and everybody here came with intentions of thinking it’s a peaceful revolution.”

He also clarified that the guns brought to this “peaceful” protest were only a self-defense measure. Apparently the Oregon militia members missed the memo that a peaceful protest usually doesn’t include lethal weapons.

Let’s begin the dissection of this man’s statement by first differentiating between the catalyst for the Ferguson riots and the catalyst for the Oregon occupation.

The riots in Ferguson were in response to a black man, Michael Brown, being killed by a white police officer. It was a reaction of intense frustration from a community that loses members at alarming rates due to a systemic bias the police have against them.

Now let’s examine the reasons behind the militia deciding to overtake the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Basically, a local rancher, Dwight Hammond, Jr., and his son, Steve, were convicted of federal arson charges due to a pair of fires that were set on federal land near their ranch. The militants are outraged because these two men were given the mandatory minimum sentence (5 years) for their crime.

Recap: The people in Ferguson are angry because the police keep killing black people. The people in Oregon are angry because a couple of arsonists got caught and have been required to complete their minimum sentence. Thousands of black men are dead. Two white men are in jail for five years. There are definitely some differences.


Clearly, the Oregon militant who delivered this message is missing a pretty big piece of the puzzle. For a member of this militia to conflate their plight with the plight of the African Americans in Ferguson is downright offensive. Men who take over a wildlife refuge because they don’t want two men to serve their full sentence are certainly delusional, but things are obviously worse than anyone thought.

Watch the video of the militant’s unsettling rant below, courtesy of DefendYourBase (the militia’s live stream) via YouTube.


Featured image via Raw Story