WATCH: Donald Trump Gets Asked About Pro Abortion Statements Then Flips Out (VIDEO)


On Tuesday, Donald Trump responded to a question from a reporter about his pro-choice history in a pretty predictable fashion. He shouted him down. The incident occurred at the same press conference where he announced he would “most likely” not attend the FOX News debate this Thursday. The presidential candidate’s response was so aggressive that the reporter barely got a chance to get his question out.

After being called on, the reporter cited a 1999 interview with Tim Russert, where Trump claimed to be “very pro-choice”. Trump immediately became visibly upset and laid into the reporter, repeatedly saying that he is and has been pro-life for a long time. When the reporter attempted to finish his question, Trump interrupted him and insisted he return with the full quote, below:

I’m very pro-choice.
I hate the concept of abortion, I hate it.
I hate everything it stands for.
I cringe when I listen to people debating the subject.
But, you still, I just believe in choice.

“Correct”, Trump replied after hearing his words read back to him, “why didn’t you read that before?” and continued to interrupt the reporter when the latter tried to restate the question, in the futile attempt at getting Trump to respond to it directly. Although he’s not loud enough in the video, you can barely hear the reporter ask “Are you trustworthy or are you an untrustworthy chameleon?”, to which he replied with an insult. “I’m very trustworthy. I’m more trustworthy than you”. He then went on to criticize the reporter for reading the incomplete quote before having him read it again and asking him why he didn’t “read the quote the way [he] said it”. The presidential candidate topped it all off by criticizing the reporter for not having the rest of the quote with him, then with this gem: with “Don’t ask me questions like that, you’re not a very good reporter doing that.”

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