WATCH: Donald Trump Parodied On Sesame Street As ‘Donald Grump’ (VIDEO)


Once you’ve been satirized on children’s television you know you’ve made it. So Donald Trump can count himself amongst the truly famous now as Addicting Info have uncovered a delightfully disturbing video.

Sesame Street, way back in 2005, put together a little skit featuring fan favorite Oscar the Grouch. In it, Oscar and his fellow Grouches are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Donald Grump, their trash hoarding hero. When Maria questions who Donald Grump is, and also disappoints the Grouches with her arrival presumably because she’s Latino, Oscar explains.

“Donald Grump happens to have the most trash of any Grouch in the world”

If the message wasn’t explicit enough, Oscar continues:

“His name is on every singe piece of trash in town”

It’s an eerie foreshadowing of the Trump campaign, with “Trump” appearing anywhere and everywhere at the moment. The Grouches then break into a song all about Donald Grump and his various attributes. Instead of reading an explanation of it, watch it below:

 Video courtesy of YouTube

Grump is looking for an apprentice. He needs someone to help him sort his trash, a job only the grouchiest of grouches is capable of. In typical Trump style, Grump fires his candidates with as much grace and tact as a the trash he stockpiles. 

Poor Elmo, not a Grouch, but a usually likable Sesame Street cast member is also taken in by Grump’s ego-maniacal and dominating attitude. Elmo may represent the every man, not your typical Trump follower but a nice guy with slightly lower than average intelligence who’s taken in by the pantomime so skillfully performed by the outrageous Grump. It’s also difficult not to notice the way Grump treats Maria. He’s instantly dismissive of her, and fires her even though she’s not vying to be his apprentice. Grump, like his real world counterpart, has no time for Latinos. Presumably once Grump finds his apprentice he’ll set to work building a wall to keep out those he doesn’t think belong on Sesame Street. Watch your back Big Bird, your days of on the street are numbered.

Now nobody is saying that Donald Trump is a greedy, arrogant Muppet with terrible hair. Instead, Sesame Street are not so subtly implying it with an oddly accurate parody of man who, when you think about it, is basically a real life parody of the upper echelons of society. Unfortunately for us, Trump isn’t a Muppet confined to Sesame Street, he’s a Presidential candidate whose outlandish theatrics and simplistic bigotry often appeal to those too desperate or too shortsighted to see through it.