WATCH: The Daily Show Brilliantly Mocks Donald Trump For Being Scared Of Megyn Kelly (VIDEO)


Trevor Noah has been having a pretty successful run on the Daily Show so far. Without taking away his prowess as a comedian, his job has been made a lot easier with the ever more entertaining antics of Donald Trump and the GOP candidates. Frankly, the Republican campaign is turning out to be more entertaining than any comedy show on TV at the moment.

MediaIte report on the latest Daily Show destruction of the GOP candidate, this time mocking his refusal to participate in the next Republican debate. Trump’s reason for not participating in the Fox hosted debate is his dislike of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. He has been pretty vocal about his dislike of Kelly, and Noah summed up the situation perfectly.

Noah refers to the Sarah Palin endorsed candidate as

“a petulant child”

which based on the clip below is a pretty accurate description. Noah also likens the Trump and Kelly standoff to those home videos of the big dog too afraid to cross the little cat.

You can watch the clip at Comedy Central.

What Noah and the Daily Show writers get wrong here is that in the dog vs cat videos, the dog is cute and likeable. Trump is neither of those. He’s an arrogant bigot who refuses to take part in an important democratic process (if you can call a GOP debate that), because he incorrectly believes he’s being unfairly attacked by the host. Donald must be immune to irony as he doesn’t seem to realize the hypocrisy of his actions.

The Daily Show doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to the Trump campaign and the obvious bigotry and hypocrisy it’s founded on. Noah must have jumped for joy when he first heard Trump was running for President. With the empty space left by Jon Stewart looming large over the new host’s head, Trump has gifted Noah enough material to make even diehard Stewart fans embrace the newcomer. Luckily for both Noah and us, it doesn’t look like Trump is going to stop the outrageous circus performances his campaign has become known for. There’s sure to be more hilarious Trump takedowns like the one above for the foreseeable future.