New Hampshire Man Arrested For Buying Grenades So He Could Return America To ‘The Original Constitution’


Personally, I can think of absolutely no reason, short of warfare, that I would ever have use of a hand grenade. But a man in New Hampshire no doubt would disagree with me.

Daniel Musso being restrained by police after his house burned down in 2013: Image Via YouTube

Daniel E. Musso Sr. was arrested by federal authorities shortly after he attempted to purchase grenades from an undercover FBI agent. Musso allegedly also told the agent that he had $200,000 he planned to use for the purchase of c-4 explosives and “rocket-type stuff.”

Talk about one hell of a July 4th celebration!

Federal authorities say that sometime in late 2015, Musso approached a local gun dealer and handed him a shopping list of things he wanted to acquire. Included on the list were guns, huge amounts of ammunition, a gas mask, grenades, and rockets.

Fortunately for all of us, the firearms dealer contacted the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) which then arranged for Musso to meet with an undercover agent from the FBI.

Why did Musso need all of these highly dangerous items? Well, he told the undercover agent that he was a member of a group that had plans to return the country to “the original Constitution” and added:

That is why I need some of this stuff.

Why do I get the feeling that part of that bringing back the “original Constitution” would also include African-Americans only being valued as two-thirds of a human being? Seems all of these extremists who say they want to go back in time are really trying to hide their actual purpose: Making sure old white guys get all the good stuff and leave the crumbs to anyone they disagree with.

You will not be surprised to learn that this isn’t Daniel Musso’s first run in with the law. In 2013, he had to be Tasered by police when he decided to disrupt an anti-gun rally by heckling a the father of a gun victim while he was talking about his murdered daughter. Here’s the video of that encounter and the moment when Musso went from what the Constitution says to being a total pile of crap who should spend a long time in prison:

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