OOPS! Ted Cruz Forgot To Buy All The Ted Cruz Domain Names- Gets Trolled By Another Ted Cruz


When running for President, it is very important to purchase all internet domain names that can be connected to your name and what you are trying to promote. Ted Cruz forgot this detail and while getting publicity on his website TedCruz.org, he is also getting TedCruz.com viewers.

Many candidates have already secured this information by purchasing all of the web domains similar to their name and forwarding them to their election page. Some domains are selling for the upwards of $14,000.

Unfortunately for Ted Cruz, he shares a name with the owner of a law firm out of Arizona. The law firm already owned TedCruz.com, so senator Cruz was unable to attain that domain. Ted Cruz of Arizona gloriously decided to use this internet domain to now mock the new presidential candidate.

TedCruz.com is being updated with quotes mocking the presidential candidate and posting messages that are far from his beliefs. The current message on the site is, “SUPPORT PRESIDENT OBAMA. IMMIGRATION REFORM NOW!”

Cruz still has not gotten the memo and there are other domains linked to his name that he has not bought! Currently tedcruz2016.com is for sale for $2295. With how quickly news is spread on the internet and how fast people are to jump to conclusions, Ted Cruz may want to buy that domain before someone else does.

If there is one thing we can always count on from ass-clown Cruz, it’s that he isn’t the best strategist, and he apparently isn’t good at hiring strategists either. Perhaps he should spend less time pretending to care about aborted fetuses and hating on the president, and more time focusing on what the hell he is doing besides setting himself up to be the big Canadian-American butt of the jokes.

Take a look at the TedCruz.com home page below!

Screen-Shot-2016-01-29-at-12.58.03-PM-1024x597 OOPS! Ted Cruz Forgot To Buy All The Ted Cruz Domain Names- Gets Trolled By Another Ted Cruz Election 2016 Politics
Via TedCruz.com

Check out this video courtesy of The Daily Mail:

Image Source: TheBlaze