Oregon Occupier: Militant’s Death Was Just Like Tamir Rice’s Shooting Death


After Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, the armed Oregon militia spokesman was killed by law enforcement officials following a three week standoff, Jason Patrick, who was one of the remaining occupiers compared the militant’s death to that of Tamir Rice.

Finicum was armed with a handgun and reached for his pocket before he was shot, according to the FBI. 12-year-old Tamir Rice was not armed with a handgun, still yet, a police officer shot him dead within two seconds of arriving on the scene.

We have two seconds versus 3 weeks. We have an actual gun versus a toy gun. We have militia members illegally occupying a government-owned building versus a kid playing outside. Finicum said earlier this month that he would rather die than be detained. Tamir just wanted to play outside.

Watch, uploaded by the FBI:

Ammon Bundy and others near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge were arrested. Finicum was fatally struck, while Ammon Bundy’s brother Ryan suffered a minor gunshot wound.

We’re sort of wondering where the occupiers were following Tamir Rice’s death. The militants took over a government building after two arsonists were sentenced to prison, but there was no outrage from this group of miscreants when an unarmed black teenager was shot dead.

The militants occupying the refuge have intimidated an entire town, disrupted businesses, schools were shut down, new roads were plowed while they destroyed artifacts. Tamir Rice did none of that yet Cleveland officer Timothy Loehmann shot the kid dead.

The militia members are grown men who made decisions which have harmed others. We’re not happy Mr. Finicum died. We’d prefer that he was captured alive, but we also wish Jason Patrick would shut the fuck up and leave Tamir Rice out of his feigned persecution. The Bundy-led militia members have enjoyed white privilege while Tamir’s life was taken in an instant because he was black. There, we said it.

Mr. Finicum’s death was NOTHING like Tamir Rice’s. But if the militants believe that to be an accurate comparison, then why didn’t they protest Tamir’s death? We’re just asking.

Image: Screengrab.