Soldier’s Letter Puts Palin Privilege In Forefront Of ‘Mama Bear’s’ PTSD Excuses For Son


After Track Palin’s recent arrest for domestic violence and his mother, Sarah Palin’s, subsequent PTSD excuse-making on his behalf, setting her sites for blame on President Barack Obama as a result of Track having served in Iraq, it’s not surprising that folks started looking into his military record to confirm whether or not he actually saw combat and whether PTSD could have had a role in his decision to pummel his girlfriend with a fist to the face. Mama Palin insists Track should get a pass because he’s traumatized from seeing combat, while the Internet claims he saw no combat whatsoever.

With all that in mind, below is a story shared by an anonymous source who claims to have served in the very same Stryker brigade as young Track, which “If You Only News” claims to have independently verified, detailing his witnessing of preferential treatment afforded Sarah Palin and her flock, which seems to, once again, heavily imply that Track Palin most likely saw no combat at all while deployed. Take it for what it’s worth and make your own decision.

I was stationed with the command group of the 1/25th Stryker Brigade Combat Team up in Fort Wainwright, Alaska back in winter of 2006 until the spring of 2008. While in that unit I was the Brigade Commanders and Brigade Sergeant Majors driver/assistant and there were several of us that rotated off. As an infantryman, I was initially not too thrilled with this appointment but it quickly grew on me. I had the opportunity to travel, worked a regular work day, had access to top of the line gear — and I had the luck to meet some pretty amazing people. Some of the folks I was able to meet were the Secretary of Defense, General Pete Pace and many others. One of the downsides is you also got to meet people who weren’t so awesome. One of these people who has, for whatever reason, developed into a personality was the Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.

Most of the time Sarah would just would just show up at the office and expect the whole world to stop for her. Thankfully, she wouldn’t come by frequently so we only had to put up with her a few times. That changed when the frequency of her visits started to increase during the fall of 2007. She went from visiting every few months to every few weeks. After a few of her visits I started to develop a distaste for the dear Governor because she hardly showed anyone any respect, but she expected everyone to ‘come to’ for her. As time went on, and my patience started to run thin, I started to pay more attention to how her visits went. One of the things I noticed, other than her absolutely wretched attitude to anyone wearing the uniform was that she would always go into the Commander’s office and ask for a cup of coffee. It didn’t take too long until I decided that I had reached my snapping point. It was then that I decided to add something special to the governors regular coffee: a little taste of my saliva.

Now, obviously, as I look back on that choice I realize it was slightly immature. Okay, it was really immature but it was my way of getting back at a Sarah. She really was an incredibly distasteful woman who appeared to have no respect for anyone except herself. I really wish I could put into words how frustrating of a person she was to deal with particularly when her son joined the military.

As much of America knows her son Track Palin joined the military in the fall of 2007. Right around the time the visits from the dear Governor increased in their frequency. One of the things I noticed with each passing visit was not only my frustration with the Governor but also the increasing frustration of the Commander. He clearly did not like her stopping in. There was one meeting in particular that I remember like it was yesterday.

It was the dead of winter in Alaska and that’s often when most things in Alaska start to slow down. For the command team at 1/25 though that certainly wasn’t the case. The Governor did her routine random stop in early one morning and asked to talk to the commander. I, of course, did my job and coordinated the meeting. The meeting lasted anywhere from 20-30 minutes and the Governor left quickly; we could tell she was in somewhat of a hurry. The Commander bellowed to me, “Get the commander of 3-21 on the horn right away and tell him I want him down here now.” I did again did what I was told to do and arranged the meeting.

This is where I went out of my normal bounds. I could tell the Commander was upset and I had to ask what was going on. He then told me in no so many words that the Governor’s son Track would be joining our brigade and he had to ensure he was kept safe in the Headquarters Company of 3-21 Infantry. I could tell this frustrated the Commander and it certainly frustrated me, more now than it did at the time. What other soldier that enlists gets to go back to their home state? What other soldier gets their parent involved to influence where they’re stationed? What other soldier gets to be kept safe? No one, other than those in positions of power and influence.

It was shortly after this situation that I left the command group and went back to the line. I was luckily assigned to Bravo Company 3-21. For me, this was a good move at the time. I was allowed to go back to what I had signed up for and I was happy. To be clear this isn’t to suggest that I was a Rambo or a Ranger Rick. I was simply just another infantrymen like any other. Most of the time I was in Bravo 3-21 I was an RTO because of my skills with the technical operation of the radio equipment. I will say that I certainly didn’t receive any privileges based off of my paternity, unlike some. One of the things I liked most about being on the line is that I didn’t have to be all prim and proper all of the time. I could be myself more often, which was very nice. Another silver lining was I didn’t have any more encounters with the Governor, that is until right before our unit was going to deploy for my second tour.

It was a warm and oddly bright morning in July and we had to go through the routine pre-deployment ceremony. This is when everyone in the deploying unit has to get in a huge formation, hold their colors, and listen to folks tell us about how great we are as soldiers. Even more to the point we’re told how great the deployment will be and how various people are so proud of us and our accomplishments. One of that came to speak was the Governor. Needless to say her speech wasn’t much better back then than it is now. One thing she did say, and has said over and over again that grinds my gears every time she utters it was, “I’m so proud of my warrior combat veteran super awesome son”. Okay, well maybe she didn’t say exactly that but that’s what she wanted to communicate.

As you can imagine, this made my blood boil. Although I’m sure Track was a good person, I had only personally run into him a few times. It was incredibly frustrating to know that he would be provided privileges just because his mother enacted political influence. That’s not how the military was supposed to work — or, at least, that’s what I thought. Well, time went on and our unit deployed. It was about half-way through our deployment when that wonderful day came about. The day that most of America cringed and SNL cheered hallelujah! I was winding down and was watching the news and it came across the ticker, Senator McCain chooses Sarah Palin as VP.

For the years following Sarah Palin has been constantly in our faces because for some reason the media can’t just let her fade into obscurity. I have heard her say thousands of times how proud she was of her combat veteran son and how amazing he was as a person. This weekend though she went too far when she used PTSD as a justification of her son’s battery of his spouse. PTSD is a horrible condition that many veterans face and have to struggle with every day. Out of the thousands of veterans I know managing the condition, I have never heard of a single one using their PTSD as an excuse for their behavior. To me, this is entirely unacceptable and it just reminds me of how disgusting of a person Sarah Palin is and was. It seems like she will use her offspring to do whatever she can as pawns to further her influence in the media or politics. Simply put: it’s disgusting.

Now, this isn’t to suggest entirely that Sarah used her child as a ploy to help her ascend into political relevance but the chain of events are oddly coincidental. Track joins the military just in time to deploy with a unit that was stationed out of Fort Wainwright, Alaska. While deployed she suddenly gets picked as the Vice Presidential Candidate. Then, shortly after the deployment Track is discharged from the active duty after serving a little over two years.

Once discharged Track was transferred to the National Guard and just happens to be stationed as a recruiter back in his hometown. All of these things happening in the timeline they did is simply too much of a coincidence. I’ll of course let you make your own decisions about the timelines and Ms. Mama Bear.

With all the anonymity, privilege, military and gun culture, not to mention the everyday jingoism that is likely to spark fire in the Palin household on any given day, there are only two things readers can know for sure. The Palin’s are a mess, and no matter what, while PTSD may give some readers more understanding and patience for instances of domestic violence, there is still—bottom line—no excuse for it.

Featured image via YouTube video screen capture.