DISGUSTING: A Guy Just Offered $75,000 For A Donald Trump Sex Tape, And He’s Dead Serious


It’s true. It’s really true.

If You Only News reports that Ben Parr, journalist and entrepreneur, has offered $75,000 for a Donald Trump sex tape. His motives, though, are far from voyeuristic. In fact, they are pretty patriotic.

For Parr, the release of Donald Trump’s sex tape is a last ditch effort to knock the man out of the running for Republican nominee. Many people — probably even you — are wondering why Parr believes a sex tape scandal is the way to go. He has some pretty solid reasoning.

In the article where he calls for the tape, Parr explains how the sex tape would be damaging to Trump’s campaign:

‘This would hurt his campaign for two reasons. 1) Sex tapes never help men’s careers. See: Dustin Diamond, Hulk Hogan, Anthony Weiner. And 2) Once you’ve seen a man’s balls and hear his sex grunts, you can never look at him in the same way again.’

Parr is not wrong here, especially about the fact that no one will ever look at Trump the same way after seeing or hearing anything related to the man’s sex life.

To sweeten the pot and give people more motivation to release the tape, Parr sent out a plea asking for further donations. He implores his readers:

‘If you are a patriotic American or concerned citizen of the world who is willing to put their money on the line and contribute to this bounty, message me immediately. I will add your name and contribution in an update to this post. (You can also be anonymous, of course.)’

There is a possibility that there is no Donald Trump sex tape floating around in the ether. After all, Trump told Howard Stern in 2003 that sex tapes weren’t “his thing.” A lot could have happened between 2003 and 2016, though, and this seems to be what Parr is counting on. Either that or Trump’s tendency to tell bald-faced lies.

Parr said about the existence of the tape:

‘The Trump sex tape exists. Trump is too egotistical for it not to exist. You know I’m right.’

At the very least, he is right about Trump’s egotism, which Josh Gad captured perfectly on Thursday night’s episode of Lip Sync Battle.

Parr is dead serious about his offer and about the power a sex tape scandal could have to ruin Donald Trump. He describes himself as a “‘concerned independent’ who has decided action is better than inaction.” However silly it may seem, Parr is actually doing something to try to take Trump down. Some people are in denial about Trump’s popularity, but, as Parr points out, he has a very real shot at running the United States unless something changes.

Trump has made it clear that he thinks he is invincible. He recently said that he could shoot someone and his supporters wouldn’t waver. Maybe gun violence isn’t enough to shake Trump’s Second Amendment-loving supporters, but a leaked sex tape might ruffle the feathers of at least some of those Republicans, what with their old-time family values and all.

Parr signs off on his article with this encouraging statement:

‘Together, we can save our country from an unapologetic racist… by plastering Trump’s nuts all over the Internet.’

If you are interested in helping Parr achieve this, contact him here.

Featured image via TPM