Obama Was Asked About The Feud Between Hillary And Bernie Supporters-This Was His Perfect Response


Republicans may have been in the midst of an inner-party spat Thursday night revolving around Donald Trump and the presidential debates, but President Barack Obama was busy at the same time allaying the divide amongst the #ImWithHer and #FeelTheBern crowd at a yearly retreat, assuring Americans that he has no doubt a Democrat will hold the Oval Office come next year. As far as Obama is concerned, the White House will belong to either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

Suggesting that Democrats are more united than it appears, Obama pinned some of the blame for what he posited as exaggeration on the press. The president stated:

The press has been focused on debates and divisions that they can drum up within the primary, within our party. I’m not worried, though, about this party staying united.

After all, that’s what the press does, right? They drum up tension to spike their ratings for the success of the company and the enrichment of their pocketbooks. Where there’s blood, the sharks will convene.

Obama then went on to say that he would refrain from saying too much on the subject as he doesn’t want to “put [his] finger on the scales” in the midst of the primaries. However, he did say:

Democrats will win in November and we will have a Democratic president succeeding me.

Big as the divide between some Bernie and Hillary supporters may be on the left, it’s hard to imagine that it could cost Democrats the presidency when the gap between Donald Trump and a majority of the Republican Party makes the Grand Canyon look like a crack in the sidewalk.


Yep, it sure looks like the 2016 presidential election could come down to a matter of not which party floats the best policies before America’s nose, but which party has succeeded in dividing up its own party the least. How do you like that?

Featured image via YouTube video screen capture.