WATCH: Awesomely Odd Live Interview Of The Most Chill Gunshot Victim Ever (VIDEO)

gun-violence-2 WATCH: Awesomely Odd Live Interview Of The Most Chill Gunshot Victim Ever (VIDEO) Gun Control Television
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Who would have guessed that Quincy, Illinois would be home to the world’s most chilled dude ever? Well, it’s true. The title is awarded to DeVon Hawkins, the toughest, most laid back shooting victim to have ever lived.

DeVon was enjoying a peaceful night in his living room:

‘chillin’, kickin’ it like I usually do, drinkin’.’

When a bullet flew through his window and struck him in the chest. Did DeVon cry? No. Did he fall to the ground clutching his wound, sobbing? No way. DeVon grabbed his son, rushed him to safety, and then carried on with his business. In fact, he was chilled enough to give the following interview via KHQA:


Yeah, DeVon, show us that petty wound of yours. Petty wound? DeVon, you were shot in the chest. With a gun. A bullet from a gun entered your chest. It flew through your window and tore a hole in your chest. Doctors had to remove it. You were shot in the chest!

‘I ain’t gonna’ be trippin’ over a petty wound.’

This is exactly the sort of occasion where “trippin” is a perfectly reasonable response. If anything, you could probably upgrade “trippin” to “mild concern” and people would understand. 

We’re often advised in an emergency situation to remain calm. Well DeVon, job done. Like an 80’s action star, DeVon shrugs off bullet wounds like they’re paper cuts. Is he mad, is he vengeful, is he planning an elaborate scheme to bring those responsible to justice? Probably not. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say his plan for the rest of the evening involves a bit more beer and maybe some Playstation. 

So, the next time you’re having a bad day and you’re feeling a bit stressed out, think about DeVon. Think about America’s newest hero. The calm at the center of the storm. The man who’s so cool he makes the NYC snow storm look like a Sahara heatwave. The guy who couldn’t be more laid back if he was napping on a cloud. 

We may never know who committed this shooting, whether it was a random attack or whether DeVon was intentionally targeted. While it’s amusing to see DeVon’s casual attitude to being shot, it’s also staggering and scary to see just how accepted gun violence is. DeVon is obviously so used to this sort of thing happening that it’s just not a big deal to him. If gun violence is so ingrained in our culture that it’s just a non-issue, or worse, when stories of shootings like this become amusing anecdotes rather than causes for concern, we should be questioning whether we, as a society, are really where we want to be. Do we want the pro-gun Republicans furthering this attitude? Or do we finally deserve some sensible gun legislation that will stop others like DeVon from being so desensitized to something that should never happen?

Source: Mediaite