WATCH: Burlington IPA Brewer Prints “Feel The Bern” On His Product’s Cans


As I elaborated on recently in one of my previous articles here on Bipartisan Report, there’s simply nothing better than ending a long march for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign than with a nice, cold glass of IPA with your fellow supporters at your local bar.

There’s just something about the hops tingling on your tongue while you rant, alongside your friends, about the corrupt campaign finance system that is undermining the foundations of our democracy, or the fact that Americans pay 3 times per capita what they pay in the UK for our healthcare, despite not having a single payer universal system like the National Health Service; something that makes it all just a bit more fun and a little less of a downer, knowing that we have a serious presidential candidate who acknowledges all the stuff we chat about over a pint of good beer from time to time.

There are those, of course, who say that you should never talk politics while you’re drinking IPA with your friends, but I’m not one of those people, and apparently neither are the folks at Burlington Beer Company in Vermont.

Brewmaster Joe Lemnah, head brewer of the Burlington based company–the same locale where Senator Sanders rose to the political spotlight as the city’s highly acclaimed mayor in the 1980s–was recently interviewed by NBC New York about his decision to include a “Feel The Bern” label on the bottom of the cans containing his “Light In the Window” brew of IPAs.

Quick note: if you have brewmasters in your city praising you in their product decades after you’ve moved and become a viable presidential candidate, you probably did a damn good job as that city’s mayor. It’s not often that you see a small business take that kind of risk and integrate “politics” into their commodities.

Lemnah, however, confidently told NBC the following in the video interview, linked above at the beginning of the article:

Politics and religion are always, like, the thing you don’t do with business. But, I feel like those days are changing a little bit, where it’s safer to show how you actually feel.

Cans of Lemnah’s brew are available for online purchase for any potential customers currently residing in the state of Vermont. Unfortunately, however, they are not, as of yet, available to anybody outside of that state. If you do plan on passing through the Green Mountain State some time soon though, be sure to grab a can or two of Lemnah’s beer. If these reviews are any indication, it’s probably a pretty nice brew.

Watch the video here!

Featured Image via Wikipedia CommonsPublic Domain.