WATCH: Texas College Students Can’t Answer BASIC Questions About History And Politics (VIDEO)


If you can answer these questions, you are miles ahead of the random students from Texas Tech who were surveyed by the student group PoliTech.

Winning Democrats reports that PoliTech, which is a non-partisan group, asked these randomly chosen students political questions that anyone who made it through elementary school history should be able to answer.

A Texas Tech assistant political science professor, upon hearing about the answers students gave, referred to them as “jaw-droppingly shocking.”

The fact Texas students don’t know basic United States history probably shouldn’t be that shocking, though, considering the fact Texas has made it a habit to severely under-fund their education system. Texas students have to deal with a shoddy public school education if they are not in a situation where they can afford an expensive private school.

Even if they can get in to a private school, students then cannot rely on the information they are being taught to be factual. Texas state legislature has approved the use of revisionist history and theology in classrooms and textbooks, meaning that many students are likely being taught false or incomplete information that fits the agenda of the instructor.

Maybe this is the reason Texas-educated politicians like George Bush and Ted Cruz seem to be full of nothing but false information and sometimes flat-out lies.

It’s funny to hear the answers that students gave to the simple questions, but we must also remember that many, if not all, of these students are products of an education system that has grossly failed them and rendered them completely unprepared for college and life after.

You might get a headache from laughing so hard at these students, but you might also experience some heartache when you remember that these people are eligible to vote. When you realize that people who don’t know basic United States history have power to elect the next leader of the United States, your heart sinks a little bit.

Still watch the video, though, so you know exactly what the state of Texas has bequeathed the rest of the country.

Watch it here, courtesy of PoliTech via YouTube.

Featured image via Kimberly Vardeman