BOOM: Militants Say FBI Has Blocked Lines Of Communication And Internet


You know how you get your armed anti-government militia members together then besiege an innocent bird sanctuary because that’s the OBVIOUS thing to do, then things don’t go your way? Yeah, well that happened to the militants who have taken over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, too.

As the occupation enters its 30th day, it appears the FBI may be locking down lines of communication, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting.

OPB spoke with the four remaining militants inside the refuge Sunday by cellphone and they were told that federal authorities have locked down their ability to make or receive calls.

David Fry, who also has a dubious online history, said the FBI made it so the militants cannot make outgoing calls on their cellphones but he added that he can receive incoming calls.

However, the other three occupiers in the refuge appear unable to receive calls on their cellphones. In addition, they’ve lost access to the internet.

So, no Pac-Man games for them!

Oath Keeper member Greg Whalen writes on Facebook that the FBI answered Fry’s phone.

I just got a phone call from Sean Anderson III and Sandy Anderson III in the refuge…the fbi shut down their other phone…they now have no internet and lost everybody’s phone number. sandy asked me to send nunbers of people they had been talking to…. Harley Dockery Jerry DeLemus Rhonda Sparkman Jonathon Skipper Speece Carol Bundy Steven Brooks…when they call Dave’s phone in the refuge the fbi actually answer his phone…they will not come out and sandy wanted me to put it out there that if news reports say they surrendered… it was not by their free will…once again, they have no internet.

The militants have claimed that they are not currently occupying any of the buildings at the refuge and they’ve been using a generator so they aren’t sure if the FBI also cut power to the buildings. If true, they left the refuge looking like a meth lab.

Sean Anderson, who has a long history of issues with the law and is also one of the last hold-outs at the refuge, expressed frustration with the FBI’s barricade that is preventing media from getting into the refuge.

It’s all about attention, apparently. You can’t fight tyranny without cameras.

When OPB repeatedly tried calling the refuge Sunday, they received a busy signal.

Sean Anderson was recently seen in a video holding a gun while encouraging “patriots” to join them at the refuge.

“Get here, get some,” he said. “This is history in the making. There are no laws in this United States now. This is a free-for-all Armageddon.”

And these are the same folks who want us to believe that the government is tyrannical. Meanwhile, one of the arrested militants, Pete Santilli, is still in custody but his YouTube channel still taped a livestream of a rally last night in which protesters drove around in circles for your freedoms.

That’s not crazy at all.

Image: Flickr.