Fake Donald Trump Campaign Bus Trolls Real Trump Events With Hilarity


It seems that nothing with Donald Trump’s name on it is safe anymore. In addition to his Hollywood Walk of Fame star being spray-painted with a swastika, a couple of artists recently took to doctoring up the campaign bus that Trump used while in Iowa, reports Addicting Info.

The artists purchased the campaign bus from Craigslist, so they are not going to get in trouble for vandalism. They are merely artists making a statement with a very large piece of artwork.

The art is intended to be satirical, so the changes made to the bus are subtle. For example, Trump’s campaign slogan — Make America Great Again — was replaced with “Make Fruit Punch Great Again.” The reason for the words “fruit punch” subbing in for America? Unclear, but the end result is hilarious, nonetheless.

The artists also knew where to leave things alone when creating their masterpiece. The bus, which was originally a party bus, came complete with a stripper pole. Yes, a stripper pole. The artists decided that that pole was a perfect metaphor for Trump, and decided to keep it as part of their artwork.

The beauty behind this revamping of a Donald Trump campaign bus is that the changes are so subtle that people do not immediately realize what it is. Regarding people’s reactions to the bus, one of the artists, Mary Mihelic said, “People come over and they’re all excited and they don’t even read that it says Make Fruit Punch Great Again. And they’re just totally taking pictures and then you’ll hear someone say, ‘Honey, it’s a gag! It’s a gag!’ And we just crack up.”

Another great addition to the bus is the use of Trump’s original slogan, but in Arabic rather than English. Seeing as how Trump has made his feelings towards Muslims perfectly clear, the use of the Arabic language really gives the artwork something extra.

The artists explained that, while their work was not necessarily meant to be a partisan effort, they are very against Trump ever having a place in the White House. Watch the video below, courtesy of Story-Crafters via YouTube, to see more of their modifications, and to hear their explanations.

Featured image via Philly.com