IMAGES: Mysterious Man Follows Ted Cruz Around In Iowa Accusing Him Of Liking Nickelback


A protester who refuses to identify himself is accusing Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz of a heinous act. The young man has been showing up at events for the Texas-Canadian in Iowa holding a sign declaring, “Ted Cruz Likes Nickelback.” And now, the whole world knows about Cruz’s alleged affection for Nickelback’s music.

My San Antonio reports:

But, on Saturday, he donned a Royal Canadian Mounted Police uniform, planted small Canadian flags and a photo of Cruz’s face over a maple leaf in the ground outside of a rally hosted by the freshman senator’s super PAC, The Washington Post reported.

The protester has also handed out copies of Cruz’s birth certificate.

“I just don’t want, really, a Canadian in office,” the man told The Washington Post. “It seems like he’s got a lot of controversy behind him whether he’s a U.S.-born citizen or not and I’m just out here making a statement.”

Donald Trump has raised questions about Cruz’s eligibility to reside in the Oval Office. The hotel magnate did the same with President Obama, and that too, was futile.

Cruz’s mother like Obama’s, was a U.S. citizen, making both of them eligible.

Nickelback is a Canadian band, not well-liked in some circles.

Members of the band grew up in Alberta, the same Canadian province where Cruz was born.  The protester was asked which Nickelback song was his favorite. He responded, “I don’t like Nickelback.” That’s probably not the answer the band was hoping for.

A better reason – among many – to not like Ted Cruz is that he just d0xed voters in Iowa in a desperate attempt to remain relevant. That action will backfire badly and we look forward to it. Even neighbors of voters targeted on Cruz’s list were outed, too. Other reasons not to support Ted Cruz: His whiny little voice and there’s always an underlying threat of the Texas-Canadian doing another reading of Green Eggs and Ham during his next fake filibuster.

His father is batshit crazy, too. And then there’s the time he shut the government down because he didn’t get his way.

But we’re sure, this one bad trait the protester is highlighting will put Cruz out of political office. Forever and ever.

Image: Twitter.