LOOK: FBI Negotiates with Remaining Oregon Militant Occupants


Saturday, RawStory documented the negotiation between the FBI and four armed occupants outside of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon. One protester at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge claimed that he wanted to be assured he wouldn’t be arrested if he left, as stated in a video posted Friday.

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Courtesy of The Root.

Saturday night, supporters held a rally in the ranching community of Burns where vehicles honked their horns and waved U.S., Confederate, and Gadsden flags, as they drove around. The protesters openly showed their contempt for the FBI, shouting “murderer” and “FBI go home.”

The protest was in relation to the killing of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, 54, just four days after he was killed by police during the arrest of occupation leader Ammon Bundy and other protesters.

B.J. Soper, a founding member of the Pacific Patriots Network said:

‘It came from the locals, who asked up to help out and organize this driving rally and show support for the community.’

Soper also claimed that, “about 70 percent of the vehicles were actually locals.”

Mayor Craig LaFollette claimed the protesters disrupted the community and were apparently unwanted, stating:

‘We don’t want them here.’

According to the FBI, Finicum reached for a gun and that’s why police were forced to draw their weapons. The event was actually caught on tape, but still, Finicum’s family argues against it.

Beth Anne Steele, an FBI spokeswoman, remained tight-lipped, stating that “negotiations are ongoing.”

Bundy has been urging those remaining to stand down and to continue the fight via the courts. But the holdouts stated they didn’t want to leave the site, expressing their lack of trust in the U.S. government in a live-streamed video on YouTube.

In reference to the U.S. government, one claimed:

‘I don’t believe that they have any authority over me because they’re illegal and I can’t bow down to that.’

Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward claimed the protesters took their occupation too far.

Feature Image via The Root.