WATCH: Bernie Sanders Says He Would Not Be A Drag On 2016 Ticket, Hillary Would


One of the favored tactics used by opponents of Bernie Sanders on both the left and the right is to claim that he would be a drag on the so-called “down the ticket” races for the House and Senate. Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill–who is a supporter of Hillary Clinton– had this to say about her colleague from Vermont:

Too liberal. Did you catch that? Seems like that’s exactly what’s needed when income inequality is greater than it has been at any point in American history since the 19th century. And Hillary Clinton and her surrogates have been using that line, too, asserting that an avowed socialist cannot possibly be elected President of the United States.

But today on “Meet the Press,” Senator Sanders took those charges by his opponents head-on when he was asked by host Chuck Todd about Sanders’ plan to raise taxes on the wealthy in order to pay for guaranteed healthcare for all Americans:

And you don’t think you’re gonna be a problem for House Democrats who don’t want to run on raising taxes?

Sanders did not hesitate, instead taking the question and turning it around to his opponent in the 2016 Democratic race:

No, I think, in fact Hillary Clinton will be the problem.

The Senator from Vermont said he is convinced that he would bring Democrats and progressives to the polls in numbers that cannot be matched by the former Secretary of State. And he may well be right.

While the media has been swooning over the Trump candidacy since he first announced, the real excitement and energy has been most evident at rallies held by Sanders across the nation. He has a strong organization and truly revolutionary ideas which have not been tried since the New Deal days of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Those ideas worked then, and they might be exactly what this country needs today.

It remains to be seen if Sanders can truly win the Democratic nomination, but if he does, do not bet against this man and the force of his vision for the future.

Here’s the “Meet the Press” interview from earlier today:

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