WOW: During Search For MH370 These INCREDIBLE Things Have Been Found At The Ocean Floor


Incase you missed the memo that the ocean is hands down the most amazing area on earth, here’s a quick reminder! Not only do the oceans house billions of different types of marine life and has vast areas that have not even been explored, but they still don’t know everything about the areas they have explored!

During a search for MH370, a towfish, a sonar device used to aid in searching, ran into a massive volcano spewing mud! A team of Australians used sonar to figure out the size and dimensions of the volcano only to find out it is gargantuan. This underwater monster is nearly 5,000 feet tall and nothing you would want to encounter on land, let alone in the murky depths of the ocean where you would not see it until it is too late.

This area that was believed to be where flight 370 landed, turns out to be a massive oceanic field of volcanoes! The area was sonar mapped and it is unlike anything you would ever imagine. There is a whole underwater mountain range of various sizes with volcanoes intertwined. The flat areas are covered in silt that moves as the currents pass through.

Thought this area of the ocean floor is dangerous, so is right above the water! Due to air being pulled down towards the equator and earths rotation, there are huge gusts of forceful wind.

‘They were like a kiss from the devil: on one hand they provided a rocket-like boost for sailing ships on the main southern route between Europe and Asia; on the other they could smash and sink a crippled or mishandled vessel. (In those seas a lost or damaged rudder could mean disaster.) And the Southern Hemisphere winters were hell, adding tropical cyclones to the violence.’

In this area there have already been two cargo ships found shipwrecked. One of the cargo ships was from the 19th century and the other was either the 19th century or early 20th century. The crews are searching day and night for flight 370, but due to treacherous weather conditions many crews have to return to land until it is safe to continue the search.

The ocean floor is unlike anything we could dream up. It is dark, dangerous, yet extremely intriguing and beautiful. Watch an underwater volcano erupt below:

Video Courtesy of Discovery via Youtube

Source: TheDailyBeast

Image Source: TheDailyBeast