After 140 Days Without Food, Advocate For The Vulnerable Starts ‘Hungry 4 Justice Relay Pledge’


As of Sunday, Jan. 31, after 140 days without solid food, community and human rights activist Baxter Jones is passing his hunger strike torch on to fellow advocates and activists, due to their concern for his well-being and pledge to keep up the fight for justice in his name and honor. Jones’ Hungry 4 Justice campaign, waged on behalf of those being bullied by a system that promises social safety nets but often fails to deliver them, is now entering phase two – the “Hungry 4 Justice Relay Pledge,” and so far three advocates from the Advocates 4 Baxter group have already stepped forward to continue Jones’ hunger strike this week alone.

Baxter Jones' Hunger Strike

AMERICA THIS IS PERSONAL! – Baxter Jones, a teacher who fed and even clothed hundreds of poor kids now has nothing left to give but himself. is hunger striking and we're ACTING to force JUSTICE. ACTION: Watch the video, share and contact Fannie Mae.The former athlete, track coach and Sunday school teacher was disabled in an auto accident that left him with spinal cord and brain injuries. The State Manager over his school district refused to accommodate his disability to teach other classes. As a result, Baxter Jones lost his home. As the Governor Snyder continues to encroach on local public school economies, Baxter sees more teachers and children hurting and unable to stand the injustice, uncontrolled greed and corruption any longer, he embarked on a hunger strike.From Carole A. KronbergI am deeply distressed. I still want SOMEHOW to talk Baxter out of his grim resolve. I know Baxter's heart goes out to all the families being deprived of water, schools, their homes and sometimes, consequently their children and other loved ones, and he is in agony from not only his physical pain but from extensive personal losses at he hands of thieving "money changers," name-able, but not here, and from being rooted in –wedded to the fate of– Detroit. Highly motivated to lead in his beloved community's defense, and having won as an athletic coach too many trophies to count, he must feel overwhelming frustration over being confined to a wheelchair, at "the front" in the moral and material war that the wealthy few –bullies to the core– are waging against the helpless poor, not only here but all over the world.Hardly anyone knows how serious and inexcusable the human rights violations are, so Baxter feels it is up to him, personally, to sacrifice himself in order to expose the evil and the impunity that we might yet succeed in BEATING BACK THE BULLIES!

Posted by Go Left America on Wednesday, September 16, 2015


“We pledge that everyday going forward, there will be at least one person in the world pledging and fasting for justice,” A4B spokesperson Laree Gardner said, adding, “We are asking anyone who’s suffered injustice to be as ‘Hungry’ as we are.”

Advocates 4 Baxter states on its website:

‘There comes a crossroad in ever persons [sic] life when critical choices must be made. Baxter has reached that crossroad. For 140 days he carried the HUNGRY 4 JUSTICE torch… but now he has decided it is time to pass it on.’

‘As of Sunday Jan. 31 2016 Baxter will gradually begin eating solid food again. We the members of (A4B) Advocates 4 Baxter have decided to continue Baxter’s ‘HUNGRY 4 JUSTICE’ journey which began Sunday September 13, 2015.’

Advocates 4 Baxter launched a letter writing campaign in December of last year in order to grab President Barack Obama’s attention and have him comment on the issue of government failure to safeguard its vulnerable citizens, but no word or comment has been given by the president.

Jones began his hunger strike after more than two years of legal battles and grassroots organizing to draw attention to the plight of the vulnerable after a car accident rendered him disabled in 2010, resulting in a loss of his job, and eventually his home in 2013.

Jones remains “Hungry 4 Justice,” as do his advocates. Those who wish to keep up with his campaign for justice can follow along, or get involved by emailing [email protected] You can read more about Baxter Jones’ fight for justice and hunger strike campaign, here.

Featured image via Facebook video screen capture.