BUSTED: Evidence Suggests Iowa Precinct Captain Is Paid Out-of-State Staffer For Clinton Campaign


Evidence found by the Bernie Sanders campaign suggests that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been “infiltrating the caucuses with out-of-state paid staffers.”

The Iowa caucuses are tonight and there’s a lot on the line and it could go either way for the two candidates. According to data shared on the social site, Sen. Bernie Sanders is dominating the conversation among Iowans on Facebook in the hours leading up to the caucuses.

There was a time when Sanders wasn’t seen as a threat but that’s no longer a credible theory as his poll numbers rise and grassroots support pours in.

Yahoo reports:

Jeff Weaver, the presidential campaign manager for Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., says he is worried Hillary Clinton’s team is resorting to “irregular” tactics to win the Iowa caucus on Feb. 1.

Weaver’s concern is based on what he described as an “alarming” letter received by a voter named Dennis Clifford in Hawarden, Iowa. Although Clifford is a Sanders supporter, the letter, from a Clinton campaign office in Sioux City, urged him to caucus for Clinton and identified a non-resident as his local precinct captain. That would not actually be prohibited, but Weaver, who admitted he wasn’t familiar with the rules, claimed it indicated the Clinton campaign is “infiltrating the caucuses with out-of-state paid staffers.”

Weaver said the letter originated about 50 miles away. “Coming from Sioux City into the Hawarden caucus and trying to influence the voters in the Hawarden caucus, I don’t know what the rules are, but it certainly is irregular,” Clifford said.

As U.S. Uncut notes, Traditionally, precinct captains are entirely staffed by Iowans. Weaver called this a “highly irregular” practice on the part of the Clinton campaign, with some experts worrying that this placement “could easily lead to abuse.”

In contrast to what the letter suggests, the Clinton campaign maintains that all of its precinct captains are Iowans.

“People who are in the caucuses are supposed to be Iowa voters,” Weaver said. “Of course we have out-of-state staff. I’m here in Iowa right now and, you know, I don’t live in Iowa, but I’m not going to the caucuses either to participate. I’m not trying to participate in the caucuses.”

U.S. Uncut reports:

Ironically, Clinton’s people also accused Barack Obama’s team in 2008 with “systematically trying to manipulate the Iowa caucuses with out-of-state people.” It’s now very possible that she’s adopted such manipulations into her own political playbook.

The key for both Trump and Sanders is first-time caucus goers, according to Quinnipiac University:

Trump leads Cruz 40 – 22 percent among these first-timers, while Republicans who attended prior caucuses go 26 percent for Cruz and 25 percent for Trump;

Sanders tops Clinton 62 – 35 percent among Democratic first-timers, while Clinton leads 52 – 41 percent among voters who attended prior caucuses;

44 percent of Republicans and 38 percent of Democrats say this is their first caucus.

There’s a lot on the line, but one thing is for certain with the Bernie vs. Hillary teams is that we don’t mind having two good choices while opting for one. Regardless, we need one of the two candidates to trounce the Republican nominee. The infighting is serious but at least we don’t all fall behind the likes of Donald Trump, a man who will inevitably hammer the final nail into the GOP’s coffin. You see how there’s a bright side to everything?

Image: Bizpac Review.