JUST IN: Trump Lawyers Doing Anything They Can To Silence Staffer That Accused Him Of Discrimination (VIDEO)


Elizabeth Mae Davidson is the woman who just accused Donald Trump of gender discrimination. She claims that Trump pays male staffers more than female staffers, made a sexual remark towards her on at least one occasion, and giving male staffers more chance for promotion.

A portion of the actual complaint filed by Davidson can be seen below, and honestly, what else did she expect?

staffer JUST IN: Trump Lawyers Doing Anything They Can To Silence Staffer That Accused Him Of Discrimination (VIDEO) Donald Trump Election 2016 Politics
Via Think Progress

According to Think Progress:

‘Davenport-based labor attorney Dorothy O’Brien said Trump’s attorneys contacted her client shortly after news broke on Sunday that Davidson was taking legal action against her former employer. Davidson was a field organizer for the Trump campaign in Iowa before she was fired on Jan. 14, one day after a New York Times article reported problems with the team Davidson worked for.’

Davidson’s attorney, Dorothy O’Brien had this to say to the press:

‘They don’t want Elizabeth talking to the press. They claim talking to the press would be a violation of her non-disparagement clause in her contract.’

O’Brien also said that before Davidson was even hired she was made to sign a non-disparagement clause. This should have been a huge red flag for Davidson, but even after knowing that Trump had so much drama that he had to have everyone in his life sign these legal forms promising not to tell the truth about him, she still took the job.

A copy of the contract was not provided, but Davidson says that:

‘It says, basically, that you won’t talk bad, you won’t say anything negative about Mr. Trump and his outfit, his campaign, or his organization.’

Trump immediately began trash-talking Davidson once her news story broke, saying that he “never” made a sexual comment to Davidson and that she was likely fired due to poor performance on the job. Trump told the NY Times, “My people tell me she did a terrible job.” Typical Trump, zero facts, zero information.

O’Brien had this to say in response to Trump’s attempt to cast the blame on Davidson:

‘She’s [Davidson] a very intelligent, capable young woman who worked her heart out for the Trump campaign. And they treated her badly, but she’s a strong young woman and you know, it’s a tough time for her, but she’ll get through it.’

Although Davidson is a staunch Republican (WE didn’t say she was smart), her attorney is a Democrat. When asked if her political affiliation hindered her from taking on Davidson’s case, O’Brien said this:

‘I would have to say that I was very interested in hearing about what happened, what her experiences were on the Trump campaign, but I didn’t take the case because she’s a Republican. I just took the case because she’s a very capable young woman and she had a bad experience with discrimination.’

It will take upwards of two months before we hear anything more about this the case, but it could very well see its way to a jury trial. Hopefully Davidson gets a clue soon; you can’t trust a Republican to care about anyone but themselves.

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