Apparently Rubio-Supporting Microsoft Planned For Donald Trump To Lose…Along With Rubio (VIDEO)


It’s now official. Donald Trump is a loser, and his loyal supporters are not happy about it, reports Mediaite.

Oddly enough, though, Trump supporters seem less upset about Trump coming in second to Ted Cruz than they do about who came in third.

The final tally stands with Ted Cruz coming in first, with 28 percent of the votes, Trump following with 24 percent, and Marco Rubio coming in third at 23 percent.

Trump supporters think that they understand how Rubio ended up in third place, and they have already put together a conspiracy to explain it.

The theory is this: Microsoft donated money to Marco Rubio’s campaign. Microsoft also created the app that Democrats and Republicans alike used to report caucus votes. Therefore, Microsoft rigged the Iowa caucus so that Marco Rubio would…still lose to Trump?

The logic is unsound, but what else is to be expected from Donald Trump supporters, a group of people known, on average, to have only a high school education. This is not to say, of course, that high school students are not intelligent, but they have also been known to be less than logical.

The angry tweets have been rolling in since the conspiracy was started, accompanied by the hashtag #MicrosoftRubioFraud. Examples of these tweets, from some of Trump’s most disgruntled — and consequently hilarious — supporters are shown below, courtesy of the respective supporters via Twitter.

Again, in typical Trump supporter fashion, there is no explanation as to why Microsoft only rigged the caucuses so that Rubio would stay in third place. Apparently they are too focused on the fact that “anti-white Rubio” polled at a higher percentage than normal.

For these supporters, there is also absolutely no way Trump’s loss could have anything to do with the fact that he refused to show at last week’s debate. Nope, it all comes down to Microsoft favoring Marco Rubio. Not enough to make him win, but enough to keep him in a solid third place.

While his supporters were busy creating conspiracy theories about Rubio, Trump took to the stage to let everyone know he was “honored” to have won second place. Watch his speech below, courtesy of PBS News Hour via YouTube.

Featured image via Max Goldberg/Flickr