Loser.com Trolls Donald Trump, Redirects To His Wikipedia Page


Loser.com just trolled the biggest troll in politics: Donald Trump. The bombastic GOP front-runner is now a LOSER and it’s being deliciously rubbed in his egotistical face all over the Internet.

Loser.com often redirects the site’s traffic to a different site. As an example, a friend of mine has redirected a few creepy-stalker type trolls on a site I work with, while manically sitting at his computer to redirect that person to another site because LOL.

Well in this case, since the morning after the Iowa caucuses, any traffic going to Loser.com now goes to Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page.

Also, if you type in Noboydremembershowcameinsecond.com, it redirects to this video:

That’s well deserved because in 2013, Trump tweeted the following:

Trump was sure he would win. Before the caucuses, he tweeted in Republican caps, “It all begins today – WE WILL FINALLY TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK AND MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

His supporters were sure he would win, too. They had such confidence in their toxic candidate simply because he said he would win. “A lot of people are after him,” said Kathy Simpson, 62, of Glenwood, Iowa. “But he’s confident. I’m confident.”

And today he’s featured on Loser.com.

In contrast, the two Democratic candidates weren’t as pompous and ended up in a tie which was won by a coin toss. Hillary Clinton won the coin toss, and she was announced as the winner last night. In the GOP front-runner’s case. he lost to an unelectable candidate: Ted Cruz. Coming in third, nipping at the hotel magnate’s heels, is Marco Rubio.

While this is not an election, Iowa is used as a testing ground to see what voters are thinking and which direction they are leaning. Trump talks a lot about winning and polls, but last night he changed his tune quickly.

Trump has been strangely quiet on his Twitter timeline. Does anyone know if he’s OK? We suspect he has blood coming out of his ‘whatever.’

Image: DailyNewsBin.