SUPERHERO: Elizabeth Warren’s Most Interesting News, Is She Endorsing Yet?


I love Elizabeth Warren! She is a brilliant, down-to-earth woman from Oklahoma and deeply committed to us. Imagine that, a politician who defends, supports, and fights for us! What a shame she is unparalleled rather than the norm. That makes any news about which presidential candidate she is going to endorse and when, most interesting.

After all, she hangs out with all these people in the U.S. Senate and in the rarefied air of Washington, D.C. She sees them when they have the flu, when they have bad (or no) hair days, and when their faces are ugly with resentment. The Democratic Party loves Warren, too. She has a no-nonsense, efficient approach to this job of governing the country, and is that ever refreshing during years of Republican stalemate!

So, when all of the women in congress leaped upon the Hillary-Clinton-for-president train, she resisted the pressure they brought to bear upon her. The weight of her endorsement made that pressure all the more intense.

After all, Warren’s endorsement would easily be enough to swing the win in a close race, such as the contest we saw in the Democratic Iowa Caucuses. We’re talking about a sliver of difference between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, which is well within the standard deviation, meaning truly, too close to accurately call.

Here is what Warren is saying:

‘No endorsements now. I think that what the Democrats are doing is terrific. We’re out talking about the issues. I look at the Republican debates and the difference between what they’re doing and what the Democrats are doing that really shows who’s on whose side.’

Warren is more interested in policies than personalities. She fought for a one-time bonus for people subsisting on Social Security benefits, when the Republicans tried to cut benefits for the elderly and people with disabilities. Warren designed and implemented the Consumer Protection Agency to protect us from big bank dirty tricks. Not to mention, she thinks that the rich should pay their fair share in taxes.

I see Clinton moving so close to Sanders, that I can’t tell if Bernie is speaking, or if Hillary is impersonating him.

Now, both candidates want single-payer healthcare, cheap or free college, and economic freedom. But only Clinton took $100,000 per speech from the big banks. Sanders owes the banks nothing and favors breaking up banks that are “too big to fail.”

Warren stands out of the limelight, letting the people decide which candidate represents them. That means a deeper, richer conversation about the economic problems and solutions.

We know that both candidates, Sanders and Clinton, would love to have her with them, but she is not revealing her hand, yet. Warren says she may endorse one of them, “we’ll see.”

So, Warren’s real news is that she knows which candidate she will back, and she’s not revealing who until she is good and ready. A significant block of voters wonder if she is remaining mum because she has a good shot at being the first woman vice-president.

Now, that would be earth-shattering, and great fun.

Featured Image: By AFGE via Flickr, Creative Commons.