WATCH: FOX News Gleefully TAUNTS Donald Trump For Losing In Iowa (VIDEO)


Donald Trump has been an egotistical d**k lately. Traveling all around America, posting about being on top, spreading horrendous lies, and bulls***ting to gain supporters. He’s gotten so vain in-fact he refused to attend a debate because one of the moderators offended him by bringing up facts and asking questions that hurt.

Trump believes himself to outshine all of the other candidates and his overconfidence may have cost him the win in Iowa. Trump’s smug hubristic demeanor and presumptuous attitude towards the election that gave him courage to boycott the debate has thrown him into a world of hurt.

Whether it be that Trump was not there to lure in new voters, his current voters were not there victoriously yelling and acting foolish to get a stir in the crowd, or his die hard supporters with the gang like mentality pulling in other mindless Republicans, his numbers decreased tremendously.

In his loss, Ted Cruz, another nitwit running for office, gained supporters for his campaign and took a win in Iowa. Fox News took the opportunity to boast about how imbecile Donald Trump threw a tantrum and boycotted the debate which is likely what caused such a drastic decline in his campaign!

John Roberts of Fox News believes Trump lost in Iowa because:

‘interesting to point out that Donald Trump did not do particularly well with people who decided late, Marco Rubio seems to be doing better with them, so he may come to rue the day that he did not show up for that final debate on Thursday night because a lot of people were looking to that debate for some signals on how to make up their mind. Trump was not there.’

Kristen Powers backs Robert’s statement up with saying, “Trump missed an opportunity to make his closing arguments” and “it looks like he’s paying a price for it here.”

Trump let his self pride and pitiful emotions get in his way of attending Fox News’ last debate. This is a big challenge for him especially because as Diana Perino pointed out that comparing this campaign to the last election, “45 percent of people decided after the last debate in 2012.”

Narcissistic A**hole Donald Trump let his pride get the best of him and it costed him BIG in Iowa. Maybe this will teach him not to be a self righteous prick.

Video courtesy of MediaMattersMinute via YouTube

Image Source: TheDailyBanter