ANTI-CHRIST: Lunatic Michele Bachmann Claims Obama Is A Modern-Day Damien (AUDIO)


Michele Bachmann has completely lost her damn mind. Her latest and greatest load of bullsh*t regards the apocalypse, and President Obama is going to be the cause!

Illogical former Republican congresswoman, Bachmann bases her asinine claims off of scriptures in the book of Revelation. Russia and Iran’s partnership being backed by China can only mean the end is coming in Bachmann’s feeble mind.

The Syrian civil war is laying the foundation for this apocalyptic battle to occur. Michele Bachmann seems very excited about it, as she claims Russian and Iranian support in Syria is their way to get their feet in the door and proceed on the invasion of Israel.

Bachmann Believes:

‘They are positioning themselves so that someday they could invade Israel to be able to take over the vast stores of oil and natural gas that Israel is controlling…’

and all of the powers are seeking…

‘a global world order to keep their game going into the future and to support them if they would invade against Israel.’

To Bachmann, the person in charge of this global world order is obviously Obama the anti-Christ. Bachmann gets all of her moronic claims from an article that sources are unable to find. This so-called article says that Obama is looking to become secretary-general of the United Nations, along with many other bulls**t lies. This same article claims Obama “threatened to shoot down an Israeli aircraft trying to bomb Iran’s nuclear program.”

Bachmann is so afraid of Obama’s power that she ‘warns’ listeners, “Obama would only go into an empowered, powerful UN, powerful enough to see the United States come under the UN’s authority,”


‘The whole idea of Obama being able to extend his presidency, even enhance it and expand it, I don’t think I need to say what I’m thinking because I think a lot of the listeners are thinking the same thing, and we all are too, and as you shake your head you wonder what’s coming next.’

It’s impossible to tell what goes on in Bachmann’s underdeveloped mind, but by her incoherent rambles, it seems she has lost any sanity she had been clinging to. She wants everyone to run around, “with a Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other” to warn others about the upcoming apocalypse. Bachmann may just be onto something, making other look as moronic as she does in hopes she will look better.

Check out this audio clip via Soundcloud:

Image Source: WashingtonTimes