JUST IN: Ammon Bundy And Other Militants Indicted By Federal Grand Jury


The leader of an armed group of militants that took over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, has been indicted. Also indicted: Ryan Bundy and at least nine other co-defendants who were arrested last week.

Bundy was arrested last Tuesday, after leading the armed occupation at the refuge for nearly a month. Pete Santilli, the right wing shock jock, remains in custody after concerns of him fleeing the country as well as mental health issues.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports:

Ammon Bundy and 10 others were arrested last week on federal criminal complaints, accusing each of a single federal conspiracy charge that alleged they impeded operations at the federal wildlife refuge outside of Burns in Harney County using intimidation, threats or force.

The indictments have not been unsealed yet.

But they’re likely to add additional charges. Additional charges could include trespassing on federal property, destruction of federal property, unlawful access to federal computers and possession of firearms on a federal facility, according to legal observers.

Lawyers for Ammon Bundy have withdrawn their appeal for his pre-trial release

The occupation continues at the refuge, where four militants are still holed up. La Voy Finicum was shot dead by authorities after it appeared he was reaching for his weapon.

According to OPB, Federal Judge Michael Mosman agreed Tuesday with a previous ruling by Judge Stacie Beckerman that militant Joseph O’Shaughnessy should be released from custody on bail. Meanwhile, Santilli will appear in court Thursday.

Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher whose sons Ammon and Ryan Bundy led the takeover before they were arrested last week, said in a notarized letter which was posted to Facebook that “we the people” intend to “retain possession of the Harney County Resource Center.”

The Washington Times reports:

The letter was posted on the Bundy Ranch Facebook page and addressed to Harney County Sheriff David Ward, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and President Obama.

“This is notice that We the People of Harney County and also We the People of the citizens of the United States do give notice that we will retain possession of the Harney County Resource Center,” said the letter notarized from Clark County, Nevada, and lapsing into screaming all-capitals after the word “States.”

That letter was also addressed to President Obama.

Or alternatively, they could own up to their crimes in court and stop acting as if they have some sort of leverage.

All external communications have been cut from the refuge for the remaining four occupiers in the facility.

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Images: Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office/Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office