Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump’s Iowa Loss: ‘Oh, You :Came In Second? Go F*ck Yourself’ (VIDEO)


The Internet is mocking Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump over his Iowa loss so of course, Stephen Colbert put in his two cents, too.

Everyone declared themselves a winner, even Marco Rubio who came in third. Donald Trump said coming in second was ‘great’ then later lashed out over his defeat.

First, Colbert hit on the now-famous coin-toss which resulted in Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton winning Iowa. “The Democrats picked the winner the same way roommates decide who has to drive to Taco Bell,” he remarked.

Colbert said that “Bernie has trash-talked money in politics so much that the coins have turned against him.”

“Meanwhile, on the Republican side, one man Trumped them all,” he said. “And Cruz’s victory means everyone’s talking about one thing: Donald Trump.”

“Trump came in second with 24% but this future President billionaire Donald Trump, he is a winner,” Colbert said.

After showing a clip of Trump saying he was “honored” to have come in second place, Colbert asked, “Who are you and what have you done with Trump’s body?”

Colbert brought up Cruz’s “New York values” attacks on Trump but added that the hotel magnate’s own hometown newspapers featured the GOP front-runner, with one headline reading “Cruz-ified” while another, the New York Daily News, featured Trump as a clown complete with makeup with the headline reading, “Dead Clown Walking.”

Watch courtesy of The Late Show:

“Thanks for sticking up for us, Donald — oh, you came in second? Go f*ck yourself,” Colbert said.

That’s good advice, don’t you think?

Even Fox News weighed in to suggest that Trump’s loss may have been the result of the GOP front-runner refusing to participate in the last debate because of his feud with Megyn Kelly.

Trump knows that’s true.  But back to Colbert’s advice for the billionaire candidate. Go f*ck yourself, Trump.

Image: Screengrab.