WATCH: Wacko Palin Quotes Famed Political Pundit JUSTIN BIEBER On Abortion (VIDEO)


Sarah Palin gave another interview. Hooray! If you were at all worried that she would keep quiet and fade silently into the background because of her son’s recent act of heinous domestic violence, your fears are unfounded. Palin is out there, talking up a Trump storm.

Being the eloquent orator that she is, it must be hard for Sarah to have to keep dumbing herself down to a level that we, the stupid public, can understand. All credit to her, Palin has found a level that even single celled organisms would look down on, and she seems pretty intent on staying there.

During a recent interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Palin was asked about Trump’s apparent flip-flop regarding abortion. One minute he’s pro-choice, the next he’s anti-choice. Like everybody else who has ever read or heard anything about Donald Trump, Tapper already knew the answer.

Trump flip-flops like a school of salmon floundering on a riverbank because he says and does the things he thinks will win him the vote. Nothing more. Palin could have said this, though I imagine she would not have gone with a salmon and riverbank analogy, but rather some stream of consciousness involving Obama, deer, and magic beans, instead she decided to go in a completely different and unexpected direction.

Palin referenced that notable and well respected political commentator, Justin Bieber. Bieber, obviously well qualified to talk about abortion, came out as very anti-choice in an interview back when he was 16. To be fair, we could have guessed his stance, he has a song called Baby that features the line:

‘Baby, baby, baby oh.’

Over and over again. Some see it as a harmless, somewhat catchy pop-song, but it’s obviously an anti-choice propaganda anthem promoting babies. Anyway, with his credentials firmly established in the political world, Palin could not think of a better way to justify Trump’s nonsense than by bring up the argument of an ill-informed 16-year-old nuisance to music. See it below, courtesy of YouTube:

The bulk of Palin’s argument, after the thoroughly surprised Tapper asks her to expand, is as follows. Why should Justin Bieber be allowed to change his mind if Donald Trump isn’t? Why are people being so mean to poor Mr. Trump but they’re perfectly accepting of the baby-faced king of the Beliebers? It’s an excellent question.

If we’re willing to allow 16-year old kids the chance to change their opinions on issues they have no real idea about, and really shouldn’t have been questioned on in the first place, then why don’t we extend the same courtesy to presidential candidates who have a history of changing their opinions with the wind, and who may be responsible for making legislation dictating citizen’s rights surrounding these issues? If you can’t see the lunacy in that argument you should get yourself DNA tested, you may in fact be a distant relative of a Bush, a Palin, or worst of all, a Trump.

Sarah Palin proves once again that she is an imbecile. It might seem selfish, but I hope she never goes away. Obviously she should never be given any real power or authority, but she should be interviewed about every major thing that happens in the world ever, because she provides more entertainment than any TV show I’ve seen in a long time. If anyone deserves their own Netflix show, it’s her. “Pow Wow with Palin” perhaps? Or maybe “Let’s All Laugh At This Idiot As She Tries to String A Sentence Together”. Call me Netflix, I’m available.