WTF: Donald Trump Says He And His Daughter Have ‘SEX’ In Common (VIDEO)


By now you’ve probably seen the extremely creepy photo of Donald Trump checking out his daughter Ivanka, from his marriage with first wife Ivana Zelnícková. At the time the photo was taken, Ivanka was only 15 years old. Can you say EWW?!

As the photo makes its way around the internet, causing people to cringe and/or vomit, yet another creepy moment involving The Donald surfaces.

As you’ve probably heard Trump say, numerous times, that he would probably be dating his daughter if they weren’t related. If that’s not the creepiest thing for a young woman to hear out of the mouth of her father, then I don’t know what is. It’s probably bad enough having a step-mother close enough in age to be your sister, let alone having Donald Trump as your father!

Trump has even gone so far as to point out how attractive she is, admitting that has a fantastic body, too. We may have already known Trump is nauseatingly gross, but this just takes it to an entirely new level. Imagine if your father publicly admitted to how hot he thinks you are?! Um, gross! Where does Trump draw the line?!

But yet again, Trump is making waves with yet another perverted comment about his daughter.

On The Wendy Williams Show, Wendy interviews the father-daughter duo about what they have in common.

Wendy first asks Ivanka:

What do you have most in common with your father?

Ivanka quite normally replies by saying:

Either real estate, or golf.

When The Donald himself was asked, well his reply was COMPLETELY jaw dropping. His response was even too R-rated to type, so you’ll just have to watch it below.

Make sure you brace yourself, and here’s the video via YouTube:

If all this isn’t enough disturbing evidence to convince you about Trump’s disgustingly creepy obsession with his daughter, then I don’t know is.

Feature Image via YouTube screengrab.