BRILLIANT: Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Spot On Mockery Of Donald Trump


In the midst of Donald Trumps sulking, temper tantrums, and pity party, Jimmy Fallon has brought humor to the situation at Trumps expense. Since Trump lost the Iowa caucus, he has been playing the blame game and acting extremely childish. Trump at the peak of his immaturity has taken it as far as lashing out against Ted Cruz because he got more votes.

Fallon took Trumps egotistical personality to a new level and gave a skit on his true reaction to getting second place. On the “Tonight Show” Wednesday night, Fallon got out his old trusty Trump wig, and did an amazing accurate impersonation of Trump’s “winner and champion of second place” victory speech.

He begins by introducing himself as Donald J Trump, where the “J stands for genius.” Fallon makes Trump see more intelligent than he is because he at least got the fact that “Two is bigger than one. One plus one equals two” which means “basically (he) won twice.” Though hilarious, Fallon takes a jab at Trumps pride and mocks how narcissistic he is.

Fallon reminisces and says:

‘It’s just like children say: First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the hairy chest.’

Being a poor sport on the playground is one thing, as a presidential candidate it’s a new level of ridiculousness. This show of immaturity is not new to Trump which makes a fool of himself daily whether it be his blowhard personality, fussing when he doesn’t get what he wants, or finding his daughter irresistible, he never presents himself as even remotely okay.

Fallon sarcastically continues his statement by taking a blow at Trumps hair:

‘Marco Rubio get that taken care of. I wouldn’t want your hair to make you look ridiculous.’

Trump is crazy about his hair, almost as much as he is about his short, stubby fingers. Fallon continues with talking about how all of the best things in life come in two’s and gives a few examples including the “twins from the bachelor” because “four boobs” and “the minion that has two eyes” that is “way cuter than the minion with one eye.”

Fallon ends his victory speech with:

‘From now on, when you think Donald Trump, I want you to think huge number two, So watch out New Hampshire, because the deuce is loose.’

Fallon describes Trump faultlessly with his pun comparing Trump to a pile of sh*t. Nothing about Trump’s personality or demeanor amounts to more than waste.

Watch the hilarious impersonation below:

Video courtesy of YouTube

Image Source: Yahoo!