Fox News Wants To Ban All Persons Named ‘Mohammad’ From United States!


Ignorance runs rampant around the Fox News station, ehether it be on clips they show or their very own hosts and speakers on the show!

Somewhere in Judge Janine Pirro’s pea-sized brain, it is rational that anyone named Mohammad should not be allowed in the United States. She believes this to be reasonable because first of all she’s an idiot, and second because in her infantile mind Muslims are “infesting” countries all over Europe. Apparently every Muslim’s name is Mohammad, good job stereotyping! According to her claims, all Mohammads’ intentions are to come in and destroy the United States from the inside out.

Fox News believes helping refugees is going to ruin the United States as we know it, allowing our country to be overtaken by ISIS. Pirro commented:

“ISIS already said, we’re sending in our people through the refugees.”

Now not only is every person named Mohammad here to “infest” the US, but they are also members of ISIS. We all know members of ISIS are only named Mohammad and there’s no way they could go by another name.

To make her already offensive comments worse she adds:

“‘What are you going to do? Call 1-800-Assad and say, ‘Look, I got this guy named Mohammed here and he says he doesn’t have a criminal record, let’s let him in San Francisco.’ No, no, no.'”

Pirro’s comparison of making a quick phone call and the intensive vetting process is despicable. The vetting process includes a background check to see if they have a criminal record. To no amusement of my own, the rest of the panel on Fox agreed with her absurd remark!

So, just to get things clear, all members of ISIS are named Mohammad, they are coming here to America as refugees and plan on destroying our country, and all you have to do to get into America is “call 1-800-Assad” and speak a few words. Forget background checks, ignore common sense, this is Fox News, you guys, where idiots are able to spread their ignorance across America!

Watch the ridiculous claims below:

Video courtesy of Raw Story via YouTube.



Image Source: YouTube