UNBELIEVABLE: Trump’s Kid Tries To Convince Us Dad’s Financial Wealth Is Blue Collar (Video)


I love to watch wealthy people try to tell poor people and those in the middle class about finances. My favorite was an economist saying “If the poor would only save, they wouldn’t be poor.” Oh right, quit buying milk for the kiddies and stick the quarters into a 401K. Donald Trump’s kid is trying to convince us that the old man’s financial wealth is blue-collar. Wait, while I pick myself up from the floor laughing my ass off.

Politicians just don’t get it. We are not dumb. I know they believe that anyone who isn’t a millionaire is stupid, but that is a self-defeating lie they tell themselves.

Donald, Jr., 37, is like every other mail carrier I know, hunting deer with a bow and arrow. And don’t most plumbers spend a couple of weeks every summer in Prague (Czechoslovakia) learning to become fluent in Czech.

Doesn’t every child who will become a carpenter go to boarding school, then graduate from Donald Trump, Sr.’s Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania?

Now, Jr.’s heavy drinking when he was younger might break the billionaire barrier, but rarely do accountants have “do-you-have-any-idea-who-I-am fights.

‘[While] other people I knew were getting into trouble, I was somewhere in a deer stand or going to bed early so I could be up before dawn to hunt turkeys.’

Ever the slave driver, Donald Trump, Sr. put Jr. to work when the kid was just 13, earning minimum wage, working as a dock attendant. Of course, the tips might have been slightly higher, because they knew who dad was, after all.

Now, Trump’s eldest kid is executive vice president at The Trump Organization and travels the world on projects. Isn’t it fortunate that every grocery store butcher has stepped into his job at dad’s business? Or not.

Dad introduced Jr. to his wife Vanessa, at a high-dollar fashion show, and that is where you find every casino worker. Plus all the teachers I know propose to their future wife in front of a gaggle of photographers and with a $100,000 ring.

The  elder Donald is hell-bent on convincing us to vote against our best economic self-interests, just as Republicans are prone to do. The old man tries to turn Mexicans and gays into our enemies, which is just the elixir to make the bad news go down more easily, while exploiting cheap labor and complaining wages are too high.

Still, for entertainment’s sake, let’s hear what the Trump offspring has to say.

Donald, Jr. hung out at an Iowa caucus in West Des Moines, Iowa last Monday night. He told the Iowa citizens his dad is an “ordinary American” and just a “blue collar guy.”

Well, sure his is, if you throw out the $3000 suit, private jet, and skyscraper with his name blasted across it. As Daddy says:

‘Give me a break!’

Check out Junior weaving the lies here:

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H/T: Ifyouonlynews.com and Businessinsider.com