Bernie Sanders To Appear On ‘Saturday Night Live’ With Larry David (VIDEO)


There is, perhaps, no one who can pull off impersonating Bernie Sanders better than Larry David, as he has done twice now on “Saturday Night Live.” From the moment he stepped out and started waving his hands around, talking about revolution and how he “doesn’t even have a backpack,” let alone a Super PAC, America fell in love with the instant classic. Saturday night, fans are about to be treated not only to round three of David’s spot-on comedy, but an actual cameo by Bernie Sanders, himself, as well.

Sanders has found David’s impersonation so amusing that he’s given the Seinfeld co-writer praise over his performance. The adoration from viewers across America is likely a large reason Sanders has agreed to appear on the show at all For that, America can once again be thankful for Larry David’s comedy genius. Sanders even joked in a recent town hall, stating, “I am Larry David.” That, after saying David does a better Bernie Sanders than Sanders, himself –is quite the compliment!

David’s performance only serves to underline just how much the nation is “feeling the Bern.” There is little doubt his performance will go down in the annals of “Saturday Night Live” as yet another classic. And, that is a testament to not only how much America adores Larry David, but Bernie Sanders, as well. While it is not scientific by any means, the level of attention a candidate such as Bernie Sanders is getting on a show like “Saturday Night Live” suggests he is strongly in the running for becoming the Democratic front-runner, if not the nominee.

Just imagine the years of laughter the nation might enjoy from David should Sanders win the presidency. That, alone, may be enough for some folks to consider “feeling the Bern.” After all, the Hillary Clinton impersonations have been okay, but not nearly the gut-busters David’s performances have been thus far.

Stay tuned for what is sure to be not only comedy gold, but comedy history, as well. In the meantime, you can make due by watching David’s first two appearances on “Saturday Night Live,” below:

Featured image via YouTube video screen capture.