Big Brother Comes To Jeb Bush’s Aid In New Video, But Might Have Made Things Worse


In an attempt to help boost Jeb Bush’s popularity after a disappointing 6th place finish in the Iowa caucus, Addicting Info reports that the super PAC Right to Rise has just released a new ad featuring Jeb’s big brother, George W. Bush.

The inclusion of George W. in Jeb’s new video might do a lot more harm than good, though, especially when one combines the things George is saying with the things he did when he was president.

One of the biggest issues with this ad is that George, with his history of losing more Americans to terrorism than any other president in United States history, describes Jeb as the right person to “protect America.” Based on George’s past, we can’t help but wonder what he means by “protect.”

George’s word choice continues to raise eyebrows for the rest of the ad.

According to him, Jeb Bush is the person who will “unite our country.” But George is the person who played a key role in dividing it, especially on the topic of the Iraq war. Let us not forget that he described those who were opposed to the war as allies of terrorists. It doesn’t get much more divisive than that.

George also, in an attempt to bolster his little brother’s standing, let everyone know that Jeb knows when “tough measures” must be taken. Whether this was what he meant or not, when George W. Bush talks about “tough measures,” most people think about the extent to which his administration blurred moral lines and utilized torture during his presidency.

This new ad might help Jeb Bush gain some favor with the Republican crowd, but even with help from big brother George, who has been licking his wounds from his failed presidency ever since it ended, it is highly unlikely that Jeb Bush will become the Republican nominee.

It is hard to imagine that an endorsement from one of the most hated presidents in United States history will raise him from his current standing. For the most part, it seems to just reinforce what everyone has been thinking for a while: We don’t need another Bush in the White House.

Watch this new ad below, courtesy of Oliver Willis via YouTube.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/ Flickr available under a Creative Commons license