Donald Trump Breaks New Ground, Is The First Presidential Candidate To Drop F-Bomb During Stump Speech


If anyone was going to completely shatter the unspoken rules of decorum at presidential campaigns, we should have known it would be Donald Trump. Addicting Info reports that, during his stump speech on Friday in New Hampshire, Donald Trump let go of all inhibitions and dropped an F-bomb on the unsuspecting attendees.

Trump is as eloquent as ever in his speech — although more incoherent babbling is a more accurate term. Nothing else from it is really  new or noteworthy.

You’ll have to watch the speech for yourself to experience all the awful, but the quote in question goes like this:

“We’re gonna bring businesses back. We’re gonna have businesses that used to be in New Hampshire, that are now in Mexico, come back to New Hampshire, and you can tell them to go f*ck themselves! Because they let you down, and they left!”

Trump, once again, seems to have conveniently forgotten that his business is one of those businesses that outsourced jobs to Mexico and China.

Trump has used the F-word in public before, but never during a stump speech. There’s a first time for everything.

Donald Trump is known and beloved (by his band of followers, at least) for his complete disregard for social norms and rules. This casting off of the rule about which words should and should not be used is just one more example of him not caring in the slightest who he might offend.

As much as we do not support The Donald, we do have to admit that there is something to be said for the word f*ck becoming less taboo, especially in a world where certain words are forbidden on television but scenes of violence and gore are considered as innocuous as cartoons.

However, we’re pretty sure Trump was not trying to make a statement about what is and is not currently accepted on television, although he might try to pass it off as such. He likely just put absolutely no thought into what he was going to say, as per usual.

We’re conflicted. This is definitely not the worst thing that Trump has ever said in a speech, by far, and it really is more humorous than harmful. But we can’t help but wonder which word Donald Trump will try to normalize next.

Watch a clip from Trump’s stump speech below, courtesy of  redstatemedia via YouTube.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/ Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license