FEUD: Donald Trump Defiantly Clowns On Barbara Bush


None of the Republican candidates are particularly inspiring, to the say the least, but after recent events, we’re hard pressed to decide who is more pathetic: Jeb Bush, who brought in his mom, Barbara Bush, to defend his campaign, or Donald Trump, who decided to take to his favorite non-place place, Twitter, to trash Jeb and his mom.

Mediaite reports that Jeb has been bringing in his family to try and salvage what’s left of his pitiful campaign. First, his big brother, George W., came in to speak on Jeb’s behalf in a new super PAC ad, and now his mom has come in to discuss what would make her son a great leader.

In an interview with CNN, Barbara Bush, when asked about Donald Trump, first said that he makes too many faces and says terrible things about pretty much everybody, especially women.

Neither point about Trump is inaccurate, but why couldn’t Jeb have said them himself?

When asked again what she thinks about Donald Trump, she responded, “I don’t think about him at all.” She then tried to divert the discussion back to Jeb, someone nobody is particularly interested in.

Perhaps the worst thing you can say about a narcissist like Trump is that you don’t think about him. Trump thrives on attention, positive or negative, and this comment was likely the one that got under his skin, not her criticism of the things he has said in his speeches.

The Donald, never one to let someone else have the last word, took to Twitter shortly after, saying:

This tweet is typical passive-aggressive Trump, and despite him turning the focus back to Jeb, it is clear that Mama Bush struck a nerve.

If Jeb is president — God forbid — and something goes wrong, is he going to call his mom to come in and fix it? And if Trump is president — God really forbid — and someone criticizes him, is he going to take time away from actual important things just to tweet at them?

Which is worse? Bringing in your mom to back up your campaign, or refusing to let something that an old lady said go?

What we really learn about both candidates after this little spat is that both Jeb Bush and Donald Trump are pretty embarrassing, and neither has any place in the White House.

Watch the interview with Jeb and Barbara Bush below, courtesy of CNN via YouTube.

Featured image via DonkeyHotey/ Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.