Republican Bill Would Force Girls To Submit To Genitalia Exam To Use Women’s Bathrooms


I call it sexual abuse. Republicans say that they want government out of their lives, but when it comes to the female sex, all bets are off. Rape a pregnant woman with a sonogram stick, before doctors can give her an abortion. Now these perverts want to sexually abuse little girls in bathrooms, over and over and over.

If Republicans win, they will force little girls and little boys show their genitalia every time they want to go to the bathroom. Shocking isn’t it? But this is what happens in the twisted minds of repressed conservatives, and they are pushing legislation that will do just that to protest transgender people.

The Washington state law will force everyone to show their private parts before they can use a restroom. According to Pink News:

‘Senate bill 6548…would amend equality legislation to state: “Nothing in this chapter grants any right to a person to access a private facility segregated by gender, such as a bathroom, restroom, toilet, shower, locker room, or sauna, of a public or private entity if the person is preoperative, nonoperative, or otherwise has genitalia of a different gender from that for which the facility is segregated.’

This Republican behavior is not limited to Washington. Virginia has already proposed such a bill. Civil rights advocate Tim Peacock said this about the legislation:

‘This is what the conservative movement has devolved into: forcing children to allow adults to examine their genitals out of misplaced fear that transgender kids and adults might commit a hypothetical never-before-seen act of violence or sexual aggression (that would still be against the law with or without transgender protections).’

People try to justify this molestation with excuses that children won’t remember, or this isn’t really sexual abuse, but here is what the American Psychological Association has to say:

‘Sexual abuse is unwanted sexual activity, with perpetrators using force, making threats or taking advantage of victims not able to give consent…Immediate reactions to sexual abuse include shock, fear or disbelief. Long-term symptoms include anxiety, fear or post-traumatic stress disorder..efforts to treat sex offenders remain unpromising.’

Republicans might as well stick a flashing neon sign outside of any public restroom that says, “Pedophiles Stop Here!” So, how are we supposed to protect our children from sexual abuse when any stranger hanging around a restroom can demand to see their penis or vagina?

Sarah Warbelow, Human Rights Campaign spokesperson, has urged people to express their outrage against this despicable government intervention:

‘We urge all fair-minded people across the state to demand their lawmakers immediately stop these offensive assaults on fairness and equality, and we call on the Senate to vote down these dangerous measures if they come to a vote on the floor.’

So, this is how Republicans express their disdain for transgender people. They are perfectly willing to scar all children for life and invite more sexual abuse from pedophiles, in order to humiliate transgender people.

I think these Republicans get their jollies from coming up with perverse and discriminatory laws. Maybe they should have to show their genitalia before they can enter any legislative chamber.

Featured Image: By Luci Correia via Flickr, Creative Commons