SLIP-UP: You Will Never Believe Who Chelsea Clinton Said The Next POTUS Will Be (VIDEO)


Chelsea Clinton has really flubbed things up big time. In probably the most awesomely massive slip-up in political history, Chelsea misspoke and called her mother’s opponent and current mortal enemy, “President Sanders.” Chelsea was giving a speech in Minnesota on Wednesday when she made the disastrous mistake.

According to NY Daily News:

‘she [Chelsea] told a rally crowd that the U.S. needs to strip away legal immunity for gun manufacturers protection President Sanders once voted for….I hope not ‘President’ Sanders!’

While people on Hillary’s side may be laughing off the giant screw-up, it kind of speaks volumes of the power that Bernie has. In an election where he is the underdog, and up until now has been told he couldn’t win, Bernie Sanders has Hillary’s entire campaign shaking in their boots.

The tie vote in Iowa showed that Bernie not only has a massive following, but he has a real chance at winning this election and beating Hillary Clinton. Now, even Hillary’s daughter can’t get it out of her head that Bernie is going to win. This is all likely very reminiscent of 2008, when a fairly unknown Barack Obama took the election by storm and beat Hillary against all odds.

After clearly struggling during Thursday’s Democratic debate, Hillary will continually lose her sway as the months progress. Her growing intensity and aggression is also a lot like her behavior in 2008, when she began to attack then Senator Obama as he gained popularity in the polls.

Obama would go on to wipe to floor with Hillary, as will Bernie Sanders.

Video courtesy of YouTube:

Featured Image via NY Daily News