Somali Terrorist Group Uses Trump As Recruiter


Further details are emerging regarding the terrifying events surrounding Daallo Airlines Flight 3159. The airliner was involved in a terrorist attack when an explosion tore through the side of the fuselage, just above the wing. The pilot managed to land the plane without further incident and only two people were injured, not including the bomber who was sucked out of the hole and killed.

According to CNN, the bomber was one Abdullahi Abdisalam Borleh, a Somali national who doesn’t appear to be directly tied to any terrorist organisation. It is understood that Borleh carried a laptop onto the plane which had military grade TNT hidden in it. Investigators claim he positioned himself on the aircraft to maximise the amount of damage the bomb would create, with a secondary explosion expected when the initial blast hit the fuel tanks. Luckily for everyone on board, the secondary explosion didn’t occur, as the aircraft had not reached cruising altitude during the initial blast. Instead, Borleh was pulled from his chair and sucked out of the hole he had created. If the blast didn’t kill him, the hard landing he was in store for surely would have.

Investigators think the terrorist may have been acting on behalf of Al Shabaab an off-shoot of Al Qaeda, but it’s still not clear whether Borleh was ever affiliated with the terrorist group. So far nobody has officially taken responsibility for the attack. Al Shabaab are pretty well known in Somalia, having been behind a number of attacks, including the recent attack on a beachfront restaurant in Mogadishu where 20 innocent people were killed. You might remember Al Shabaab for their most recent recruitment video, featuring our own homegrown extremist, Donald Trump:

More details will emerge about this attack and hopefully those responsible will be bought to justice. Ultimately though, without a change in the way we currently tackle extremism, attacks like this will continue. Al Shabaab, in their propaganda video, make it perfectly clear that Donald Trump doesn’t hold the answer to fixing this issue, and instead has the potential to make things a lot worse. All we can do in this case is be thankful that nobody, other than the terrorist, was killed and make sure that after the election we have a President who takes carefully considered action on domestic and foreign terrorism, and not one that shoots from the hip and encourages these extremists to escalate their actions.

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