Ted Cruz Goes After Sean Penn And His Response Was Absolutely Perfect (VIDEO)


Republicans are really making a splash in New Hampshire this week.

True to form,  Ted Cruz recently delivered a ridiculous speech at an addiction policy forum in Hooksett, New Hampshire on Thursday, reports Mother Jones.

He started off innocently enough with a story about how he and his family have personally been affected by addiction — his half sister died of a drug overdose in 2011 — but things quickly took a turn. In a series of hilarious, yet frightening because of his seriousness, non-sequiturs, Cruz managed to turn a speech on addiction into a speech about the dangers of illegal immigration, the media, and Hollywood.


Cruz made it clear that he has jumped on Donald Trump’s build a wall train. He referred to “undocumented Democrats” coming across the border from Mexico and echoed Trump’s sentiment that a wall must be built to keep them out. Apparently, this wall will also protect United States citizens from drug cartels.

He then, in a stunning logical leap, made his way from drug cartels to Sean Penn.

“El Chapo. You know, Sean Penn seems to think he is a sexy and attractive character. I so appreciate Hollywood for glorifying vicious homicidal killers. What a cute and chic thing to celebrate. Someone who murders and destroys lives for a living. El Chapo’s organization brings vast quantities of drugs into this country, vast quantities of heroin.”

Sean Penn recently interviewed El Chapo in a secret location for Rolling Stone, but the article in no way celebrates El Chapo. Cruz is clearly continuing his habit of not studying things before sharing his opinion on them.

When asked to comment on Cruz’s comments, Sean Penn gave a truly fantastic response:

“Ted Cruz is a generically funny and dangerously adept thought-smith. Clearly, he watches too much television and neglected to read my article before criticizing. It’s understood. He’s busy trading genius and raising aspirations with Mr. Trump. Blame Canada.”

The “blame Canada” remark is a reference to a South Park episode.

After looking at these latest comments from Ted Cruz, it is shocking that he was the winner of the Republican caucus. But when compared to his competition, he comes across as the most logical one of the group. And that is frightening.

Ted Cruz clearly has beef with Sean Penn, but Sean Penn is not a fan of Cruz either. Watch him below, when he says that Ted Cruz needs to be committed by executive order, courtesy of National Review via YouTube.

Featured image via Jamelle Boule/ Flickr, available through a Creative Commons license.