TONIGHT: Bernie Sanders To Appear On SNL With Hilarious Larry David


Larry David’s Bernie Sanders impersonation skit on Saturday Night Live is hitting it hard! In just two skits, it received recognition from even Bernie Sanders himself! Larry David makes a hilarious, spot-on impersonation of Sanders that causes a joyful uproar in the audience. If it weren’t from some of the grotesque remarks, you could almost confuse them! Larry David’s performance is entertaining, hysterically funny, and a priceless crowd pleaser.

While David has a very lighthearted, comical approach to things, Sanders is a little more towards the serious end of the spectrum. Sanders tends to be more straight forward¬†and doesn’t have as big of a sense of humor as some of the other candidates, however is is coming more out of his shell with random dancing, joking, and showing a more playful persona! Maybe their connection and similarities are because they are both from Brooklyn.

Upon watching the Saturday Night Live skits, Sanders joked:

‘I think we’ll use Larry at our next rally, He does better than I do.’

Sanders takes these skits with a lighthearted attitude and finds them so enjoyable that he is going to appear with Larry David on Saturday Night Live tonight. Maybe he will talk him into joining him on the road campaigning around and gaining more voters through comedy and euphoria. Though the skit was a parody of the debate and used humor to poke fun at the candidates and what is going on in politics, it gives a nice comical break from harsh politics.

Sanders, on a segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live, was asked about his opinion on the skit, and Sanders impersonates Larry David himself!

He responds with:

“I thought it was pretty, pretty, PRETTY GOOD!”

Copying a quote from Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sanders jokingly mimicked one of Larry David’s famous lines, let’s hope he thinks it’s as great as we all do!

Video courtesy of YouTube

Image Source: CNN