WATCH: Bill Maher Says ‘F*CK YEAH’ To Supporting Bernie In Foreign Policy (VIDEO)


Bill Maher is all for Bernie Sanders and isn’t afraid to raise his voice and get excited about it, even throwing in a few profanities! MSNBC’s analyst Alex Morgan complimented Bernie Sanders on how he plans to deal with jobs and the economy, however she believes he falls short when it comes to being commander in chief and foreign policy. Morgan believes Hilary has more to offer with foreign policy and can bring America to the top.

Morgan asks Maher:

‘Do you want Bernie Sanders getting off Air Force One making a deal with…Seriously, on foreign policy, do you think that he’s at the level that we need…’

She was quickly interrupted by Maher with a big:


Then went on to say:

‘The guy who voted right on the Iraq war? Yeah, I do!’

The audience completely agrees with Maher’s response and immediately begins cheering. Hopefully they all show up to vote and rock the polls. There is no doubt that Maher is going for the better of the two candidates and is a die-hard supporter who won’t back down to harsh comments or judgement.

Getting a little more heated in the conversation, Maher says:

‘Doesn’t Bernie deserve the people who have been saying ‘oh I like Bernie but he can’t be elected’ to shut up. The Bernie but-ers. Hasn’t he earned that much? No?”

Morgan now interrupts Maher with:

‘I would set aside like who deserves it cause there’s a lot of people who would say, doesn’t Hilary Clinton deserve it at this point?’

This strikes a nerve in Maher and he asks Morgan if she is going for Hillary. Morgan is dumbfounded and completely avoids the question until Maher relentlessly asks again. Morgan then fumbles over her words in a multitude of broken sentences and fragments.

Morgan stuttered:

‘well no I mean..I mean..honestly..I dont…I really…at this point…I’m a journalist, Bill, and as you know…we never take sides at MSNBC.’

Maher then accuses Morgan of being on Hillary’s side in a very questioning tone. Maher has his priorities straight, his facts straight, and isn’t afraid to share his thoughts and what he believes in. There is no doubt that Maher is making the better choice of supporting Bernie through this election.

Video courtesy of YouTube

Image Source: Yahoo